Arranged Romance

December 7, 2011
Undead Valley and Bat County. Two neighboring kingdoms. One ruled by a Vampyre as king and a Banshee as his queen. The other ruled by five shape shifting werewolf friends. The two kingdoms were to become united by a marriage. That of the king and queens Encantado daughter Charlotte and the Shape shifter known as Synyster Gates.
Encantado’s are mostly viewed as a type of freshwater dolphin or sea snake. They have the ability to shift into human form. Their characterized by their musical ability, seductiveness, and love of parities. Charlotte had a great love for the water, which is why during the day; she was mostly down at the lake side. Either swimming around having fun, or playing her guitar, trying to think of new rhythms to put together. At night, she would be in the stables, grooming and caring for all the horses. At a young age, she found out that she could use her child like mind to control techniques and can inflict illness, although she never would wish to do that to anyone, insanity, and even death.
Her kind is known for kidnapping humans, which is why when most people would meet her, they were extremely cautious at first until they got to know her and her child like nature. It’s not that she didn’t know how to behave like an 18 year old should; she just loved to have fun. She was a very care free girl and loved to be able to have fun and not have to be serious all the time.
“'To those who sing alone. No need to feel the sorrow. We Scream, We Shout, Woah oh... We are the Fallen Angels. Follow the mourning star. A land when darkness fell. The passion left unholy
now you find yourself” Charlotte sung out as her surround sound system blared out Fallen Angels by Black Veil Brides, one of her many favorite bands at the current moment.
“Honey, why do you insist on having your music so loud while you get ready? Our guests will be here any minute and I doubt they want to hear this ruckus. “Natasha, Charlotte’s mother, commented while walking over to her stereo and turning it down a great deal.
“Mom, unless I have my door open, you can’t hear it. Remember you sound proofed my room?” Charlotte pointed out.
The two women had never gotten along that great, they were just too opposite. Charlotte with her golden glowing tan, being an encantado, blue-green eyes, brown red tinted hair, and 5’5 frame. Although the two are the same height, her moms flawless snow white skin, being a banshee, raven black hair, and black eyes.
“Come on Natasha, leave Charley alone, her music wasn’t that loud. Plus our guesses are here.” Jacob said, entering his daughter’s room.
Jacob Maroni was a vampire and it showed. He was extremely pale skinned, had black eyes that glowed blood red when hungry, and had very defined features. Charlotte was really close with her dad. He was always there to help her when she needed it and saved her from her mom when she didn’t want to be around the women anymore.
“Hurry and get ready. I expect you to be down there in 15 minutes and not a second more.” Natasha cautioned, sending a glare to the younger girl to get her point across that she was not to defy her.

“Oh and wear something I would allow. Not the rags that you parade around in.” She added before Jacob drug her out of the room.
Jacob sent a soft smile to his daughter before shutting the door. Left to her thoughts, she went over and turned her stereo back up to a good level of loudness before walking over to her closet and pulling out a white corset top dress with dark purple swirly designs and a black ribbon tying at the bust of the dress. After stripping off her torn pants and black shirt with the word Crazy along with the definitions of the word, she slipped the dress on and found her black converse shoes to wear along with it. Knowing that no one could see the shoes, she pulled them on with a smirk, thinking that if her mom seen even a glance of the shoes, she would flip out. She found her black and purple mask that covered the top half of her face before making her way out of her room with it on.
Marching down the stairs and into the grand ball room, Charlotte could see her Mother and Father talking to the five shifters of Bat Country. Trying to sneak down unnoticed, she hurried around the room full of guest in dresses and tuxedos and masks.
“Oh Charlotte, Please come here and talk to our guests dear.” Called out her Mother.
Cursing under her breath on being caught, she turned around, putting on a fake smile while walking over and greeting her parents along with their main guest.
“Hello.” Charlotte greeted, curtsying like she was taught to, knowing if she didn’t she’d be in loads of trouble later.
Four out of the five guys just have her curt nods of their heads while the one with the full black mask grabbed her hand bring it up to his lips and kissing the back of it. Giving off a smirk as he released her hand, causing her to blush slightly and look down at the ground.
“Charlotte, do not look down at the ground, you are being disrespectful to our guests!” Natasha hissed.
“Natasha! Leave her be! Your embarrassing yourself.” Jacob said, shooting his wife a disapproving look.
Natasha had not been born to a royal family but to a peasant family. Jacob had seen her one day while he was in town with his late parents. She had been a nice caring young woman when they had first got together but soon after Charlotte had come along; she had slowly turned into a mean version on herself. It was like she felt threatened by the younger girl.
“Well Shadows, as we agreed, Charlotte will betroth with your brother Syn here on the new moon.” Jacob said, continuing his conversation now that his wife was silent.
“But that’s tomorrow!” Charlotte interrupted.
“Yes that is, but it is what was agreed upon. You know this Charlotte.” Jacob answered, looking down at his daughter.
“But that’s too soon! I don’t even know him! Nor do I have feeling for him to marry him!” She argued, glaring at her father.
Charlotte was shocked from the sting on her check from her mother’s hand.
“Do not argue. You have no say in this on whether you agree or not.” Her mother spat out.
Charlotte glared at her mother, spitting at her feet before turning around and fleeing out of the room. She continued to run outside of the castle and out the lake they had. She striped out of her dress, leaving her in a strapless bra and her panties before she took off her shoes and dove into the water, taking the form of a dolphin and swimming around feeling free in her natural form. She had been swimming for ten minutes before she felt the company of some standing at the shore. When She surfaced close enough to the shore to see who was there she had shifted into her human form so she could yell at her mom to leave her alone if it was the banshee who had come to talk.
Shocked thought, when she seen Synyster Gates watching her every move. He had removed his mask and looked as if he had put up a struggle to get out to the lake. She same closer to the shore, shaking off the water droplets that clung to her body once she was out of the water and back on the shore. She pulled her dress back on, feeling his intense stare on her the whole time.
“Can I help you?” She asked, sounding a little aggravated, which she was, she hated her swimming time being interrupted.
“We have to leave. The castle was just attacked by the Black Eyed People. We have to get you out of here, your father is trying to give us a distraction, and they are after you. We need to leave let’s go.” Syn said, shifting into his dark black and silver wolf form.
Throwing his head in a “Get on” motion, I slowly climbed up onto his back, not quite sure on what to do otherwise. Gripping onto his fur as he started off at a slow gallop, making sure I had a hold of him before taking off in a dead sprint to what I would assume to be his kingdom. As he ran, I could feel his muscles tense and shifting underneath me as he ran, feeling just how strong he really was. Slowly, I started to grow tired. I shift enough that I could lay against his back, resting my head in the dip between his shoulders, letting myself drift into a deep sleep.



I slowly came back to the world, feeling the softest of beds beneath me. I sat up, propping myself with my elbow while I took in the view of the room. It was mostly black, from what I could tell, but due to it still being dark outside I could only faintly see hues of red and purple. The door to the right of the room opened to reveal Synyster walking in. I couldn’t tell if he knew I was awake due to the canopy being closed around the king sized bed I was placed upon. I also noticed my clothes from the party being replaced with black clothes that I did not remember changing into.
“It’s good to see you awake; you slept all day. It’s already close to midnight. I don’t think we’ll have a lot of time to get ready to the wedding ritual so I think we’ll have to push that to tomorrow. We still don’t have word back from any of your castle guards or parents so we’ll wait another day to see if any news comes.” He said, sitting down and watching me, as if to see my reaction.
“Do you think my parents had a chance of making it out?” I asked it in a quiet voice while looking down at the sheets that had pooled into my lap as I sat up.
“From what I saw when I left to go get you, your dad had a fighting chance, but I think your mom was a part of the ambush. There have been rumors that she’s been sneaking away to the Black Eyed People, but we never knew for sure.” Synyster sighed slowly reaching over and pulling one of my restless, small hands into his larger, calmer hand.
“I’m worried that my dad will be hurt,” I choked out.
“Your father is a very strong fighter. When the marriage ritual is done, I will be proud to say I am a part of his family.” Syn said, trying to reassure me.
“Well whether or not both of them make it out, I’m willing to go through with the marriage. I know I seemed ungrateful last night, but I just wasn’t told it was going to be that soon after having just met you.” I said, looking into his warm, chocolate colored eyes.
I finally had seen why my father had talked me into this marriage. All the stories about the rulers of Bat Country were a lie. Especially about Syn, he was all too caring about everyone around him. I knew then I’d be okay with this arranged marriage my dad had set up for me.

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