I Am Fate

December 19, 2011
By teenovel18 BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
teenovel18 BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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The blizzard was getting worse as snow fell like volcanic ash in small icy crystals covering everything it touched, the valley looked like a immense soft white blanket. The valley’s national bench however, was as clean as a pair of new sneakers. Suddenly a young girl who was around seventeen walked slowly towards the bench. Shuffling her feet as she moved. She wore a white plush pair of earmuffs, a blue zip up hoodie with sleeves exceeding wrist length. Gray skinny jeans that were snug fit into a beautiful pair of tan llama skinned boots. Along with a brown one strap backpack slung over her shoulder. The sky was beginning to shadow as the moon glowed against pillowed clouds.
She sat down upon the bench as trees whistled in the wind blowing frost against her cheeks. Closing her eyes, she let the snow glide across her face like a paint brush on a board. Then opening them she looked at the sky and sighed. Digging through her backpack she pulled out a notebook and began to write:
When the sun sets I close my eyes and wish for tomorrow to remain in today, because without you there is no way through this maze called life. The rising moon casts a shadow on my skin allowing me now to take what was lost. Ice bitten by the frost I feel so cold right now. But with your touch heat burns within just beneath the skin…
Closing her book she placed it back into her pack and snapped it shut. Just then she noticed a rabbit hopping by. Smiling at the bunny she giggled, then it jumped into her arms. It was jet black with light ocean blue irises. Its eyes glistened as the snow reflected off them. Feeling the warmth from the fur, she held it tight pressing her cheek against it body. She could hear its tiny heart beating deep within, and feel it as her fingers pulsated each time it breathed. At that moment the rabbit froze and jerked its head up; twitching its ears then sniffing the rabbit leapt out of her grasp and into the winter cold.
“Different from the rest.” She sighed. “I wish, I wish. I could find someone like that.”
Putting a hand into her pocket she took out a candy bar and began to munch on it.
“Blah! I hate BabyRuths!” She stated getting up and spitting the contents into a nearby trash can. “Yuck!” she exclaimed.
Digging in her bag she pulled out her iPod Touch and flipped to her favorite song. Humming the tune, she bobbed back and forth. While she listened another teenager sat down next to her being very quiet. He was wearing blue jeans, black Polo boots, a long sleeved red sweater and a gray skullie with the image of a flame on the front.
“Well I have a Kit Kat bar.” he suggested. She didn’t hear him through all of the music, so he tapped her shoulder. Looking over to her left she jumped startled from his appearance.
“Ah!” She said. Then taking the time to look at him, she smiled slightly. “Thanks.” Taking the candy from him she grinned.
“What are you listening to?” he asked.
“Our Dreams by Koori.” she said unwrapping the candy bar.
“Cool, I have: Take It All Away by Jason Winder.” he said.
They both looked at each other for a few seconds then laughed.
“Oh by the way I’m Christian.” he said.
Brushing small clumps of snow from her jet black crimson highlighted hair. “Fate, I’m Fate.” she smiled happily.

The author's comments:
It was a hectic blizzard 2 years back and I got the inspiration from noticing a bench among the falling snow and this is what I came up with

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