The One

December 19, 2011
I run up and pull her close to my body. I lock me lips onto hers, squeezing the last bits of air she had left in her. Panting for breath, I pull away and notice her smiling. Her dark hair was clinging to her face. Her flashy dark brown eyes were digging into my soul and brought out a rushing obsession to pull her close to me and not let go. This time she stars it and her red lips rush to connect with mine. I smell her wonderful hair, a floral scent that I have always associated with her. Her hands grip mine and hold on so tight that I lost all feelings in my fingers. She starts to leave the kiss, but slowly as though to savor every remaining moment. As she finally plucked away, her heavy panting blew the scent of mint to my nose. She starts to pull my hand and I follow her. I rush to keep up and find that she brought us back to the dance-floor. The dance classes that I've had with her paid off, and I enjoy every moment of our slow waltz. And as I kiss her gently on the cheek, I hope this night would never end.

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DarkSilentAngel said...
Jan. 5, 2012 at 4:46 pm
Sounds like if you have a girl in your life, like she's really important. That's how all guys should treat girls. With respect love and compassion, and let them know everyday that they are loved, with a kiss, a hug, or just a simple smile. Good work! Keep writing!(;
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