"The Story of a Girl"

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Once upon a time there was a girl that loved a boy. This boy was gifted with many abilities and wonderful traits. He had a wonderful way with music, all kinds of music. He was always humming a tune, Or singing out lyrics he made up as he walked through his disheartening life. he played many instruments also. This boy was very smart and excelled in academics. He had great taste in art and photography. But this boy along with his wonderful and mysterious personality traits, also had many misgivings . This boy had many, many problems. He was addicted to porn, and sex. Drugs and alcohol, He cut himself. He had a temper like a grizzly bear. His mood could change from bliss to hate in a matter of seconds and back again. But the girl loved him through everything. Through every high and every low. But you see that boy and that girl were friends, good ones. and that’s all they thought they would be. After years of being friends the boy told the girl about his issues. And she feeling guilty knew she has to tell hers. For she also had brilliant abilities and demoralizing issues. She was wonderful at the arts. Music, Theater, Poetry, painting. But she also had problems with sex, and cutting, and drugs. So she decided the easiest way to tell him of her past difficulties and present feelings toward him was to write the boy a letter.

She wrote…
“The scares on your skin hurt my heart, my soul, and my brain. But my secret is out, for I do it to. But when I do it to myself, it doesn’t hurt me at all. But when you cut, it does. I can feel the blade on your cold skin, I cry out as you take the long slow breath in and swiftly force the blade into your flesh. I feel it as if it were on my own skin, as you slowly work you way down a good 3 inches. You cry out in pain and agony. But for some reason you don’t stop, you like the way it hurts, And what you are most excited for is the scare that it will surly leave. Out of frustration and past hurt you have started a spiral out of control, you have started something that is deeper than this first wound, you started something that is more than you. You started something that once begun is hard to let go of. I know. Again and again and again you bleed. Day after day cut after cut. 10, 20. And why I feel your pain so much? The truth is I LOVE YOU. And that’s really all there is to it.”

She sent the letter that night with signed with her name and a very simple wish. “let him love me too.”
The girl never got a letter back. By the time the letter had arrived at its destination. the boy was gone. He cut far to deep. His blood soaked the floor and his death filled the air.

Once upon a time there was a girl who loved a boy. If he would have not cut that last time, if he would have read the letter. Would he have responded? Did he love her back the whole time? Would he have ever let her in enough for her to find out? I say yes. But I’ll let you decided. For after all, It’s only a story… right?

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