continuation of "if only he could open his eyes to what we could be"

December 18, 2011
By boricua505 GOLD, Savannah, Georgia
boricua505 GOLD, Savannah, Georgia
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Dimitri. he never seems to leave my mind! I'm always thinking of him! why can't he just disappear and leave me alone I'm sure life would be better ! but no. karma has its way with messing with me. sigh. Dimitri my secret lover. the one who never notices me with his astonishing girlfriend(cheerleader) April Rodriguez. his locker just got moved next to mine and if it was agonizing across the classroom from him its unbearable directly next to him. if only i had guts to talk to him. i closed my eyes and let myself day dream for just a minute . were sitting there laughing together. I'm on his lap and our hands are entwined. i look up and his eyes seem to sparkle. i lean in to kiss his full lips. ANSTASIA! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! yelled my friend Natalie and snapping me out of my fantasy. i realized while she was talking to me i was leaning in to her. my cheeks burn with a deep red. sorry Nat. just day dreaming..again. about Dimitri? girl get over yourself he doesn't like you like seriously. i looked at her. I've had enough of her down putting me. " what's your problem Natalie? why do you hate it that i dream about me and Dimitri your just a stuck up brat! your suppose to be my best friend!!" she looked at me astonished. i walked away feeling more alone than ever. it was awful. without Natalie i truly was alone. i sat outside the school on the playground where no one my age hung out anymore. i look down my heart heavy in my chest. " hey are you okay?" i looked up and met the most beautiful eyes known to man kind. the hazel eyes i new to well. Dimitri's eyes. i wiped my tears away feeling like a total snob. i nodded. "yeah just going through some things..i guess" i said sniffling. he probably thought i was pathetic. he sat next to me. "Abby right?" "Anna" " right sorry." " so what brings you out here ? " i asked genuinely curious. " April and i broke up and well this is my place to come and think." he said. " I'm sorry" i said as i truly meant it.he shrugged.then some numb part of my brain came to life.Dimitri was talking to me!!! heart beat ed in my chest...

to be continued

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