Waiting 4 U

December 13, 2011
By Hailey_Au BRONZE, San Francisco, California
Hailey_Au BRONZE, San Francisco, California
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Today is his birthday. It is raining. I’m wearing Tim’s favorite yellow raincoat, sitting in “Waiting 4U” café, and waiting for someone that I know will never appear. Everything seems the same, two cups of Mocha, the seat in the corner, a special cake named “Ange Plumes”, but without him……
“You are late again. Today is my birthday, would you mind being on time?” Tim said.
“I’m sorry; I’m on my way now. 15 minutes, OK?” We were on the phone and I pretended that I was in a hurry. But Tim was already entering the cafe and I was hiding in the cafe's kitchen, holding Tim’s birthday cake, and watching his enter. He seemed a little bit angry. Suddenly the light went out.
“Sorry, there is a power failure! Give me a minute, I’ll fix it.” Philippe, the owner of this café, announced.
“Thank you,” I whispered beside him. I walked to Tim and sang “Happy Birthday to you…my darling.” Tim was shocked, staring at “Ange Plumes”.
“Honey, where did you get this cake?” Tim asked. I saw his eyes with tears.
“Philippe taught me for a week; it was hard to bake this cake. But I know this is meaningful to you. Try it.” I smiled.
“I’m blessed; this is the first time I feel this way. Thank you for everything, Joanna, my dear.” Tim kissed me.
I met Tim 6 months earlier, on the plane to Paris. When I sat down on the seat next to him, he was reading a book. He had long eyelashes and a pair of beautiful blue eyes. Yet he seemed but depressed, and I could feel the sadness and loneliness around him.
“Why you kept looking at me? Am I in the wrong seat?” He looked up at me.
“Oh no, It was my weird habit. Hi, my name is Joanna; nice to meet you.” I heard my heart beat. I wanted to say… Wow! You are cute!
“Hi, I’m Tim; nice to meet you too.”
We talked the whole time until the plane arrive Paris. We talked for 6 hours. Tim told me that he was 21 years old and he was travelling alone because he received his mother’s inheritance and he didn’t know what to do with that, so he decided to come to his mother’s place of birth in order to mourn her and relax.
“So why are you here?” He asked me when we were on our way to get a cup of coffee in the airport.
“I supposed to come here with my friend, but she didn’t save enough money, so I came alone.” We stood in front of the menu.
“Double Mocha, please.” We said simultaneously. We looked at each other and smiled. “Maybe we can spend this week together?” Tim suggested. I heard my heart beat again, it was too loud.
“Sure.” I said. It was crazy! I never imagined that I would spend a week in a romantic country with a cute guy I just met 7 hours ago.
That week, we visited the Eiffel Tower, Arc De Triomphe and lots of museums. It was the best tour ever! I found Tim was very attractive to me. The last day in Paris, he took me to a restaurant for a candle light dinner. Music, wine and romance seemed so dramatic, but everything was real, and they were happening to me.
“You look so pretty tonight.” Tim said. I had put some make up on my face; it was the second time I did this, with the first time being on my graduation from college. I was wearing a black dress and high heels. These pair of heels was killing me, but it didn’t matter, because tonight is special.
“Thank you. Tomorrow morning, we will be back to New York. Is there anything you want to tell me?” I crossed my fingers under the table, wishing to hear that he likes me. “Nice to meet you, Joanna, and thank you for giving me all those happy memories,” Tim smiled. I was disappointed.
The waiter brought us a cake for dessert,
“This is Ange Plumes, enjoy,” then he walked away. The cake was white, with a piece of white chocolate on it and that looked like feathers. I saw Tim’s face, he stared at the cake.
“What happened?” I asked.
“Nothing, I’m just thinking about my mom. She made this cake for my 18th birthday. It was the last thing she did for me, before leaving me and my dad. I heard about her death couple months ago, and she gave me all her properties.”
“I’m sorry about your mother’s death. Just remember she always lives in your heart.” We finished up the cake and we went back to the hotel……
“Good night, see you tomorrow morning.” Tim said kissing before my forehead. “G-Good night,” oh, God… I couldn’t breath, my heart beat crazily!
Life in New York was breathless and frustrating. It was four months after the Paris trip, and it seemed impossible that I would to see Tim again because we didn’t have each other’s contact numbers or email.
One day, I passed though a café, called “Waiting 4U”, “what an interesting name!” I thought. I was curious and walked into the café. I looked though the menu.
“Two Double shots Mocha, Philippe,” I heard a familiar voice from my back. I think my heart beat had stopped. I turned around and it was him!
I hugged him and screamed “Am I dreaming?!”
“No, it’s me.” Tim said. I realized that I was a little over-reacting for a normal friend, so I just let go. It was embarrassing.
He held my hand, and said “I thought I won’t have a chance to see you anymore. I don’t want to lose you again. Please… give me a chance. Can you be my girlfriend?” Tim was looking into my eyes.
“Yes.” I hugged him again.
“Okay, Philippe’s special double heart mocha, free for my dear friend and his cute girlfriend.”
A guy walked behind the counter and smiled at us, “Nice to meet you, Joanna; my name is Philippe, Tim’s best friend.” Philippe looked happy, but I could feel the emptiness in his eyes.
“Nice to meet you too, but… how do you know my name?” I asked.
“Tim always mentions his special trip to Paris and the special girl he met on the plane.”
I felt shy as Tim took my hand and led me to a seat in the corner of the café.
“Why does your friend seem depressed?” I asked Tim.
“His girlfriend had cancer and she died two years ago. This café’s name is representing his heart. I hope Philippe can overcome this.”
“Oh, I’m sorry about him.” I said. I never thought that one day this café’s name may also represent my heart. I thought Tim will be with me forever……

“Still thinking about him?” Philippe asked.
“He is living in my mind, also in my heart.” I looked at Philippe closing my eyes, and touched our wedding ring on my finger.
I remembered Tim’s words. “Honey, I want to show you a little magic.” Tim covered my eyes.
“Ok.” I felt something cold touched my finger.
“Now open your beautiful eyes, my dear.” Tim whispered. I held my breath I saw a ring sparkling on my finger.
“Marry me, Joanna, I promise I will never leave you alone. Marry me……” I nodded, “Yes, I will.”
It was a cold and rainy Sunday, and we were on our way to pick some flowers for our wedding.
“Honey, do you want a cup of Mocha? Your hands present cold.” Tim’s pair of caring eyes was looking at my hands.
“Ok, I will wait for you here.” He ran across the road.
“Tim!!!!!!!” The sound of car brakes pierced into my heart. He fell on the ground weakly. My Tim’s cream-colored sweater was turning red. I ran and kneeled beside him.
“Tim, get up. This is not funny. Open your eyes, please……” I cried. I couldn’t believe that I just lose him in a moment. Tim left me without a note, without a kiss.
It was three years ago…… Now I am here on Tim’s birthday every year, with a special cake for him, two cups of Mocha, the same corner of this café. Everything didn’t change, but Tim broke his promise. I stand up and walk out from the door. It is raining; the sky is gray like that day Tim had left me……

The author's comments:
I wrote this fiction story as my Current Literature project.

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