you don't realize...

December 26, 2011
By abrouche SILVER, Zaghouan, Other
abrouche SILVER, Zaghouan, Other
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is it true that i don't love you!? but if it's not love inside why do i always return to you? why it seems my life empty without you?! i know that I've caused so much pain and never did what you asked me to. I've lied to you and never said the truth. I've heed secrets from you and did things behind your back.i yelled at you and screamed in your face. I've broke your heart.but in the end when dark comes and night it becomes i return back to you.why!? after the wounds that you caused my heart and the pain you raised inside my life i still need you and desire your love?!.if it's not love the reason then what!! what makes my heart beats so fast in your presence and my eyes fulled of desire and love!?.if i don't love you then why it seems so hopeless to live in this world without you.why i can't find a reason to lead a future without you in it!! i need you.i want you. i love you. and believe me it doesn't need a genius to see it. i love you with every beat inside my heart with every feeling that i have i love you and you just don't realize.

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