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December 26, 2011
By abrouche SILVER, Zaghouan, Other
abrouche SILVER, Zaghouan, Other
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a woman can feel the absence of the man she loves.a woman senses when the love in his heart ain't there anymore.i am a woman and so i felt when you started to built a wall between our hearts, i am a woman so i understood when you ignored me day after day, and as a woman i realized that i have no longer a place in your heart,you are a man who i loved, you are a man who's flew apart.love is blind oh my dear i was so blind and could not see, the truth when you acted like dumping me.love is a drug,i was addicted and i flew so high that i felled so harsh when you crushed my heart.love is cool,love is pink it makes my life colorful and full of joy.love is so amazing that i live everyday like''la vie en rose''.... love was my only song,i used to sang under the stars,the shining moon belongs to the sky and we both flew with the wind....i always believed in your love so i never imagined for you to be rough.... why have you been such a d***... sorry but i'm very touched... you were the first man i love...the only i gave all my life...i dreamed about a house and future...i thought i'll be your only pleasure....but now i see how crazy i'd be if i think you''ll stay the only one for me....i love you but you've chosen your way and me i'm no longer yours to play....i was simply a toy you liked....i'm no baby .... i'm a woman with a fully grown heart...i will not be a game in your hands...i'll go but trust me you'll regret every tear and hurt in my heart....it's your fault and you're only to blame so decide weather i should leave or stay,staying would need you to change and start treating me as a real woman you love...leaving would cause my heart a crush...are you so cold to break me apart..oh please decide what to have cause i just had

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