your love made me blind....

December 25, 2011
By abrouche SILVER, Zaghouan, Other
abrouche SILVER, Zaghouan, Other
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something happened and I'm not quiet sure what it is, i just know deep inside that something did happened. i loved you with every beat of my heart,i gave all my trust,i thought that you'll be mine. i spent my days dreaming of our happily ever after life,wishing to have a magical house and fabulous kids.darling! oh darling! your love taught me the values of living,gave me a reason to breath each day and each year.your love gave me strength to stand up next to you and give my all my support,it gave strength to walk with you every day undo the shining sun with no fear or shy.your love made my heart bigger and more sensitive that before.your love simply erased all my past and built my future.since i met you i started living in a new world,a world that i shall never regret.but your love made me blind that i couldn't see the truth hiding beneath your loving heart, i kept living in dreams ditching reality .your love made my heart stupid that it couldn't see what your heart felt inside.i loved you and i thought you loved me too.your love was magical oh so magical that i believed the magic was deep in your,i thought fairy tales were true and your heart was mine to rule.your love made me blind so when i saw you in her arms i cried and sad oh my god someone gave me a drug!!that's not mo love that's not him I'm surly drunk or absolutely sick.oh my darling i loved so and never expected this day to come.but now here i am writing a story of a girl who felt love Intel the end . now i know how wrong i was when i thought that you'll be mine, i cried and screamed for night and days . and all my tears flew away.i need to start from the beginning,building a broken heart, helling the wounds caused by your i say darling goodbye wish a happy really happy lifetime.even if your not mine i hope you have all you admire and let the love be in your life shining above all your nights and let the one who made you smile stay in your arms from now to time.wish you both a really long time like the fairy loving tales.oh darling you'll learn day by day when you love someone let him fly.when you love someone wish him love even if he's with another one......

The author's comments:
sometimes it is better to give than to take and when we really love someone we give our best and expect nothing in return.

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