Four Reasons Why

December 24, 2011
By Maggie18 BRONZE, Gainesville, Georgia
Maggie18 BRONZE, Gainesville, Georgia
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There are four reasons to let you go.
Every single one of them is reasonable, understandable even. Firstly you were terrible at time management, I don't think we ever went on a date when you didn't have to leave early to go do something else. The second reason was that you couldn't tell the difference between attraction and love so you told me you loved me after we'd kissed only twice. Reason number three came when my friend told me that you cheated on me at a party, that you kissed another girl in front of everyone.
The last reason was that you were dead.
The day that I decided to let you go was also the day that you got fired, got drunk, and got into the accident with that truck.
You are gone now. Which is why I can't let go. If I knew that you were still there somewhere, still breathing air and walking on two feet then I wouldn't worry. You would be nothing more than a melodramatic diary entry, a sad song on repeat, and a half eaten tub of rocky road ice cream to me. But now you are so much more than that. You are the boy that died in high school. The one that people only said nice things about after you were dead. You are the person I can never forget because I loved you too.
But now you are gone.
For everyone but me.
And I'm left with my four reasons and

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