One day here. The next your gone..

December 7, 2011
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I was walking to go get my brother from school one day after I got out of school myself, daydreaming about my awesome friend Daniel whom I've been crushing on ever since he walked into my art class and scared the stuffing out of Mrs.Delong by making a cricket noise. That was about a year ago.
When I got to my old elementry school I spotted a stranger in my usual spot by the tree. He looked no younger than me, with hair that gleamed like gold in the sun. "brr" I just realized how cold it was, the snow that was on the ground didn't remind me. What did remind me was that strange boy's hair, which gleamed like a warm fire.
Not wanting to aprouch the boy I stayed on the frost-covered blacktop, and silently with my foot, I crafted my name into the snow. The snow made a loud shattering noise, which made the stranger turn his head towards me. His eyes met mine, my heart practically stopped when I saw his glorious brown eyes, like chocolate warm and delicate. Unexpectantly he got up and walked towards me in ten long strides, as fast as I could I crossed my name out of the snow. "Ambar" he said. Too late, "Yes?" I mumbled. He looked me in the eyes and said "Pretty name, may I ask what are you doing?" "Doodleing" I replied childishly. The boy smiled a breathtaking crooked smile. "Who're you?" my turn to speak. He answered immediantly with a gleam in his eyes "My name is Andrew.
That day on we became best friends, seeing him after school everyday seemed to brighten my world, even if I only see him for a second. We always spended our time telling stories about when we were younger, telling each other of our family, interests, and hobbies. This went on for months, I got his number two weeks after I got my first phone... on my birthday. From that moment on we got even closer. Then the day came when we fell for each other, more like we admitted to each other of our major crush. He asked to kiss me goodbye on the last day of school, I accepted. I didn't want to seperate from him all summer, but we had to. In the end we chickened out of the kiss, instead climbed our tree gave hugs and parted our ways.
The long summer passed, we texted and called everytime we were able. Then there was a month of silence from him... then school started.
The night before the first day of school though, Andrew called me baring heart-splitting news. He moved. That tore me in half and months flew by me unknowingly, for I was stuck in time and sorrow.
Anger struck later, when he told me about his amazing new "girlfriend". That's when I fell back into Daniel's arms, never wanting to hear or see Andrew again... for he betrayed our friendship.

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