The Boy, The Girl

December 11, 2011
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The boy went to the party hoping to see her.
The girl got really for the party hoping not to see him
The boy waited the whole party just to see is her
The girl walk into the party room
The boy see the girl
The girl see the boy

Their eyes meet
Their hearts drop

The boy walk up to the girl
The girl walk up to the boy

They meet half way
They hole hands
They look into each other eyes

The boy said to the girl "I love you, your the one for me I've always know it"
they kiss

The girl looks down and said "I'm sorry" she look back up into the boys eye and said "I'm sorry for are love cant be"

The girl walk away
The boy fall to the ground and it sit there, tears rolling down his eyes
The girl get to the door and look back, tears start rolling down her face and say to her self "it for the best" and walks away

At 17 Lucas found love and lost love
AT 17 Lindsey had her first baby

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