The Spark

December 11, 2011
By anthro-girl15 SILVER, Shawano, Wisconsin
anthro-girl15 SILVER, Shawano, Wisconsin
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"It's not about the outside which can be more deceiving than premonition. It's about the inside. Your inside which is as pure as a waterfall, a river, and a glistening lake."

"H-how DARE YOU? How could you?!" Jonquile shouted at no one in particular as she read a note from her, now divorced, husband, Francis. He had not only cheated her, but was now with her best friend, Gloria. Tears fell from Jonquile's shocking blue eyes. This rarely happened lately. When she turned, her siblings were there. Her older brother Gilbert, and her twin, Ludwig. They look at her with deep concern and sadness.

"I......I read the note before, Jonquile......I tried to hide it.....but.....I knew it wouldn't be right," Ludwig said quietly. He was right, after all. Jonquile should know these things. She looked down at her hand. On it lay her engagment ring and wedding band. Jonquile took them off and gave them to Gilbert.

"Give that.....that.....sludge his rings back when he comes by," Jonquile said, tears still falling. "We are now divorced."

"B-but.......why can't you?" Gilbert asked dubiously.

"I'm leaving for now......a couple days time, I'll be back," Jonquile said as she walked out the door. She always was gone for a couple days if something or someone hurt her feelings badly.

Jonquile walked for quite a while; until dawn, at least. She had left sometime around nine o'clock at night and she was still walking strongly. Jonquile refused to eat on bit of food. She was far too upset to do anything but walk......except one thing. Run. Jonquile ran the rest of the day so that her mind would be focused on running instead of France. That was how she usually got rid of her anger. She ran it out. She ran throughout the entire day until sundown when her mind wandered and thought about where she was. This thought got her to stop her running. She looked around her and she was in a forest now. Jonquile wiped a bead of sweat from her brow and shook her head. She continued running and at midnight, her mind wandered again, causing her to realize just how tired she was. At that moment, she fell over, gasping for breath. Jonquile saw a light at the edge of a lake and she pulled herself towards it. This place seemed familiar, but she couldn't think of why. She tired to reach to the door and knock, but her exhaustion left her breathing slowly, almost unconcious. At that moment, a man opened the door. His spikey hair and little hat gave him away. This was Mathias's house. His summer house at least. Jonquile heard a small gasp of concern and then she blacked out.

When she woke, Jonquile was on a black couch with red cushions, covered up, near a fireplace. She was still having trouble breathing, but it soon passed. A while later, Mathias walked in the room.

"Oh. You're awake. That makes me feel a bit less.....killer-ish," Mathias chuckled. Jonquile looked around awkwardly with bleary eyes. She rubbed her eyes and tried again.

"Wh-where am I?" she asked quietly, her voice hoarse. Granted, she had a pretty good idea of where she was, but she wanted to make sure.

"This is my house. Now....I hate to be all weird....but you seem familiar. I'm pretty sure I've bugged you once or twice. And you're related to Ludwig and Gilbert, aren't you?" Mathias asked. Jonquile nodded.

"I'm Jonquile. You tried to buy me came to my house and said 'May I buy you?'. Then, sorry, I slapped you. You're Mathias," Jonquile said hoarsely. Mathias nodded. He now had a look of recognition on his face. At least he remembered her.

"Oh...yeah......That was a fail of a flirt, as I remember. However, you don't have to worry that anymore. You're married, aren't you?" Mathias asked. Jonquile's mind flared as it thought of Francis. In turn, it turned to tears.

"Not anymore.......," Jonquile said quietly, a single tear falling from her eye. Mathias went and sat on the arm of the counch next to Jonquile.

"Not anymore? What do you mean?" Mathias asked in a concerned tone. "Did Francis do something? Worse than normal?"

"Yes. He not only cheated on me.....but he's in a relationship with my friend Gloria. I divorced him on my own will," Jonquile answered, wiping away the tear angrily. More came and fell, much to her annoyance. Mathias held out his arms as if to welcome her to a hug. Jonquile hugged him and cried to him.

"'re a strong girl. This is but a minor thing that's happened to you, I'm sure. You have to think of the ups...not the downs. The pros....not the cons. Now, I'm not suggesting anything, really, but without him, you can find someone who really loves you. Not someone who will marry you, not even touch you, and then go and sleep with other people. Jonquile.....he was making a trophy wife out of you. I know you're better than that. You deserve better," Mathias said. Jonquile shook her head.

"I'm not, I'm really not. I'm not better....that's all I am....just a painting. An untouchable painting. I'm no good," she sobbed. "If I was better, he would never have cheated on me." Mathias shook his head at this.

"Jonquile's Francis," he said. She looked at him curiously.

"H-how do you know my middle name? Only Ludwig, Gilbert, and Francis know that."

"You think I walk around town and I don't hear Francis trying to apologize?"

"Good point," Jonquile sighed meaningfully. She was now next to Mathias, her head on his shoulder. He stared into the high fire and there was a knock at the door. Mathias got up and answered it. At the door was Francis Bonnefoy. Jonquile saw the desperation in his face and knew it was fake. As USUAL.

"Bonjour. I was told that Jonqui-," that was all the farther that Francis got before Jonquile was at the door. "Oh, bonjour, darling."

"Never call me that again. Never. I'm not your darling, dearest, ma cherie, love, anything. We're finished, Francis. I've had enough of this cheating. Go with Gloria. And remember this, I don't hate her, I don't hate you, but you are NEVER to address me or talk to me with a flirty tone or meaning EVER AGAIN," Jonquile said. With that, she slammed the door in his face and went to sit in front of the fire again. Mathias had watched her in awe. He now stood behind her, a yard or two away.

"Did you really mean what you just told Francis?" he asked.

"Of course I did. Why wouldn't I?" Jonquile said quietly. Mathias sat next to her.

"I admire that......It proves that you are a strong girl," Mathias said gently. They looked at each other for a moment. Then.............they kissed each other gently.


From that point onwards, Jonquile strived to be better, stronger, and more intelligent. Amazing what one tragety and another soaring love can do to a woman. She soon became a doctor and she can sure almost anything, even a broken heart. One word is all she needs. That one word was 'Joyous'. Nothing at all could be more helpful than that word. Jonquile never doubted in love again.....and......since she knows that life isn't perfect and that this was intended to happen, Jonquile is now good friends with Francis again.

The author's comments:
This is something I wrote when I was feeling ready for a moral. When I don't know where a story will go, I just let it flow, and then it just....leads to where my mind is....Usually. This was just random.

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