Love That Hurts

December 2, 2011
By , Emmaus, PA
I'm in love with my best friend Josh. He is dating a girl that I very hated with a passion. She was my worst enemy. She hated me so much and I hated her. I remember the day Josh told me that he was dating Ashley my worst enemy. He came up that day with a smile on his face and said "Dylan I'm dating Ashley." I looked at him. I say " that's great Josh." I Can't believe he's dating her. Ashley comes up to Josh and I. "Hey Joshy," she says. Ashley looks at me and says " what are doing here with my boyfriend?" I roll my eyes and walk away towards my close guy friend Jason who is waiting for me." hey there Dly," he says. I smile and hug him. 6 months later. Josh comes up to me with a sad face. I looked at him and said" Josh what happened?" He looked at me and said" We had a huge fight and she won't forgive me." I said" why not?" He said " Idk but I really love her she makes me really happy Dylan please help me." I nod at him and he smiles and hugs me tightly. "Thank you Dylan," he says. I go find Ashley and see her with her friends who I hate so much. I walk up and say " Ashley." She turns around and looks at me and says " What do you want?" I say " Josh is torn into pieces because of you." She looks puzzled and says" What do you mean. He complains every time you can't hang out with because your with your best friend Jason." I look at her and say" I think he might be jealous of how time Jason and I spend time with but he loves just take him back please." she nods and I walk away towards Jason. I see Ashley and Josh hug and kiss. Josh sees me with Jason and walks up to us and says "hey Dylan." I smile while Jason's wraps his arm around my waist. Josh looks at Jason's arm around my waist and get jealous and walks away. 3 months later Ashley and Josh break up for good. " Hey Dylan." I look at Josh as he walks up to me while Jason is talking to his friends. " what's up?" I never told Josh that I was dating Jason because I knew Josh hates Jason because I've hanging out with him more than Josh. " Will you go out with me Dylan I love you so much I had no idea that you liked me until Ashley told me." I down and say " no Josh I'm dating Jason I'm sorry but your to late I don't like you that way anymore." He walks away. That's the last time Josh and I ever spoke.

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