The Start of Somthing New

December 8, 2011
By Alexia SILVER, Shelton, Washington
Alexia SILVER, Shelton, Washington
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I walked down the road in the pouring rain; it felt nice to let my body get completely wet. My clothes didn’t feel like clothes, but surrogate skin that was connected to my body. It was freedom, it was truly being alive, just the state of being. I had no coat or jacket or umbrella just my t-shirt and jeans with a pair of dirty sneakers. Why did people hate rain so much, it felt so liberating, like taking a shower in public (but with clothes of course). Just letting everyone see that personal moment you experience is what gives you that fulfillment of existing, of letting yourself enjoy life! When people drove by and glared at me, no doubt out of disgust, I held no offense because that meant that they had never experienced the joy I felt when I let myself get showered by earths tears. They were missing out on the splendor of living and I just had to let them find that for themselves. I walked in beat with my heart beat, using my foot to splash a puddle with every thud. I walked two more blocks and saw a tall figure running my way, for a second I thought maybe there was someone else in the world like me that would be enjoying the rain, and…disappointment. He looked lost and dazed and slightly sad. He seemed ordinary, kind and predictable but I couldn’t quite read his face when he was close enough to see me. He just stared at me blankly like a deer in headlights. Like he was in a trance, like he had never seen a girl before, it startled me, and then suddenly he shook his head, no doubt clearing it and started talking to me.
The sky looked clear and the sun was out with only a few boisterous clouds here and there, which is a rare occurrence for Washington State. I had just moved here from San Diego a week ago and all that has happened is RAIN! It was nice for once to have sunshine, even if it was just a little. I decided to take this rare opportunity to walk my dog, jumbo. He was a black Labrador with white on his nose and belly. I began to walk down the road and down a couple of blocks, when I realized that not only was I lost, but I had no idea what my house looked like, I guess I just hadn’t grown use to what my environment looked like around me, I was just walking in circles, because I had passed the same house with the basketball hoop and toy log cabin about 6 times. I thought, at least it’s not raining. And I should’ve nocked on wood because right as that thought bumped into my head rain drops started to fall, and I’m talking BIG raindrops and a lot of them. I could barely see in front of my face, and my dog started to run and before I could get a good grip on jumbo’s leash, it slipped out of my hand and he began running, and the rain was falling so hard I couldn’t even tell which direction he ran. So I started walking in a random direction; I was walking for maybe ten minutes, soaking wet when I saw someone walking my way. I could tell it was a woman by the shape of her body and the way she walked, maybe she knew what area I lived, and maybe had an Idea of where my dog ran. As I got closer her features became more distinct, more visible, and soon enough she was standing in front of me. I had to suck in breath because suddenly I felt faint. She was beautiful, absolutely beautiful! I had never seen anyone so exquisite, so refined, and so fragile. She was beyond perfect. If “MORE THAN PEREFCT” was in the dictionary, her name and picture would be underneath it. Her skin looked soft and touchable, smooth even when it was wet. Her nose was small and slender. Her hair was jet black and ran all the way down to the bottom of her shirt, and the way it clung to her skin made her look like a mermaid in a seaweed patch, her eyebrows where perfectly shaped and framed the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen. They were so blue they almost looked white ,they were so clear it felt as if I were gazing into a blue film of glass, and the outsides of her eyes were rimmed with a deep turquois and all of this beauty was rimmed with long eyelashes that had the quality of spider legs. But the best thing about her whole face were her lips, they were perfectly shaped and looked like a red cherry ready to kiss, suddenly I realized I probably looked like an idiot and began to speak (stuttering like a maniac) and finally asked if she had seen my dog.

He started to mumble, and then I realized he was trying to ask me if I had seen his dog. He must have been really upset because he couldn’t even look me in the eye. He looked like the lost dog trying to find his way home. But when I started to listen to what he was saying it came to my attention that he was the lost dog! He had no idea where he was and he was in the pouring rain looking for any kind of help. His address sounded familiar, it took me a moment to realize that his address was Silvia’s old address, suddenly I felt sad and a giant hole that had begun to heal had been ripped open. He lived right next door, where my best friend used to live. Before she had passed away 6 months ago; Leukemia had stolen her away in the dead of night, away from me, away from her family and away from the earth forever. It was only a few seconds before I felt like crying, but I sucked it up and looked into the eyes of the helpless, lost guy who had no idea where he was. His eyes were a friendly green, and had quaint curly eyelashes that were extra curly because of the rain. His hair was a normal brown, not too dark, not too light; it was slightly wavy and didn’t have much thickness to it. He had a few scattered freckles on his average sized nose and had a large inviting smile, his teeth were perfectly straight and his face was inviting. He was incredibly tall, which felt nice because I hated being taller than males. He had to be at least six foot and sport size 15 shoes. He was surprisingly muscular for how thin he was and he looked like a trustworthy and promising person. I told him that I knew where he lived and I would help him find his house I tried to do it without letting my voice sound weak and sad.

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