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December 7, 2011
By Melir123 BRONZE, Sarchi, Alabama
Melir123 BRONZE, Sarchi, Alabama
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While I was walking to math through the crowded hallway, I saw something that not in a million years I would have imagined seeing. Evan, my crush since freshmen year was talking to Jeremy, my best friend since I have memory. What in the world where they talking about? I needed to figure out what they were talking about. Was it something about me? Whatever it was, I really wanted to know, and I NEEDED to know.
I saw them finish talking, and I quickly ran up to Jeremy and started blurring out questions.
“What in the world where YOU doing talking to him Jeremy?! What did you say? Did he say something about me? Did you tell him I like him?! You’ve better not or else you are dead Jeremy!”
“Whoa, whoa Abby, don’t worry. He said something good to me, nothing bad. And I really can’t tell you sorry”
“WHAT?! JEREMY! You HAVE to tell me! You’re my best friend! If you don’t tell me I will smack y-” The sound of the bell interrupted our conversation, and Jeremy ran for his life before I would flip out and start beating him up.
During math, I could not stop thinking about what that conversation between Jeremy and Evan was about. I kept wondering why Jeremy wouldn’t tell me. Could he be lying by saying that it was something good when it was something bad? Math period took forever. I kept looking at the clock, and it was actually as if the handle wasn’t moving at all. Finally, the bell rang. I rushed out of the class to go get Jeremy.
While I went crazy through the hallway looking for Jeremy, the principal came over the intercom announcing that there was an assembly. Really? You’ve got to be kidding me! I thought. At that critical moment, there just HAD to be an assembly.
Now, the hallways were really crowded. Wherever I would look for Jeremy, there was no sign of him. It was very frustrating. Once I got to the assembly hall, I saw Jeremy. I ran up to him and just stared at him. I knew that he was trying to avoid eye contact with me. I shook him so atleast he knew I was here.
“Jeremy, you need to tell me!”
“Sorry A, but I can’t. Promised Evan I wouldn’t say anything”
“And since when are you all buddy-buddy with him?! I’m not saying it’s a bad thing but, I’m just wondering…”
“We aren’t buddy-buddy, he just needed to tell me something…I need to go to the bathroom, I’ll be back in a sec”
“Wait JEREMY! Don’t you dare walk away from me while we are having this conversation!” He faded into the crowd completely ignoring me. I really hated him right now. He was hiding something, I could just feel it.
That assembly was so long! Those were the longest 30 minutes of my life! Of course, Jeremy never came back. He is such a ditcher. I walked out of the assembly hall, and from far away I could hear someone calling my name. That voice sounded like someone I would never expect to call my name. Evan. He was calling me. Why? What did he want? Did it have to do with the conversation with Jeremy? My stomach was now being attacked by butterflies.
“Abby, hold up!” Evan shouted
“Oh, hey Evan..whats up?”
“Not much, boring assembly over there right?”
“Tell me about it, those were the worst 30 minutes of my life, wasted on a stupid assembly”
“Haha, true. Hey I wanted to ask you something”
“Yeah…sure what do you need to ask me?” I said with a nervous voice.
“Well, I wanted to see if you were done with your biology project”
“Oh...yeah that, well I’m almost done. I just need to finish the last part of my model and I’m done”
“Oh that’s cool; I’m in that part too! What a coincidence”
“Haha yeah,” I said with a nervous giggle, “Well I have to get going now, I’ll see you later ok?”
“Yeah sure, but hey umm…can you give me your number, you know just in case I need help with my bio model haha”
“Yeah sure, give me your phone and ill plug it in”
“Alright” He handed me his phone, my hands where shaky, but I was trying to make them stop. I hope he doesn’t notice that.
“Here you go” I said.
“Ok, thanks Abby, see you around”
“You’re welcome, see ya”
“Bye” He said, I couldn’t believe that Evan had my number on his cell, that was probably the best highlight of the day. Now, I would just have to wait to see if he actually was going to use my number for something or if this was just a complete joke.

The author's comments:
This is my second scene :) hope you guys like it! comment&rate please! :)

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