Then and Now

November 23, 2011
By GingerKarls SILVER, ......, Louisiana
GingerKarls SILVER, ......, Louisiana
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"Let everything you do, be done in love." 1 Corinthians 16:14 <3

The beat of my heavy heart speeds to an all time high as he walks toward,
My eyes widen with hope as he looks at me,
A smile creeps onto my face, as it usually does around him,
My stomach flutters as he lifts his strong arms and smiles,
I lift mine for a hug, just as he passes me by, toward the blonde with dazzling blue eyes,
My heart sinks into my stomach,
My head lowers in shame,
My feet carry me away, once again,
Alone, again.
Months later.
He smiles his sly smile, as he winks at me from across the room,
I’m still not used to having him as mine,
His deep brown eyes, that look at me like I’m the only one for him,
His tan arms, that protect me from the evil in the world,
His strong hands, that intertwine with mine,
The fact that he chose me over the blonde with dazzling blue eyes
My head is held high
My heart is back in my chest, where it belongs,
My feet scurry toward him,
I am not alone.

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