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November 28, 2011
By writeforpassion BRONZE, Matthews N.C., North Carolina
writeforpassion BRONZE, Matthews N.C., North Carolina
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Life's not the breathes you take, but the moments that take your breath away.

My ankles ached, every time my foot hit the ground it felt like they were collapsing. I turned a corner looking for light, but as I pushed my feet to keep going I felt something. Actually not something, someone, someone’s hand wrapped around my wrist and I slowed down. My stomached knotted and my palms started to sweat. My heart was beating so fast I was afraid they could see it. That second of despair felt like hours, I felt hopeless and that I should just give up, I was caught, and it was over. I took one glance at the man holding my wrist. My eyes slowly rolled up from his hand, gripping so tightly to mine, to his hair. He was tan, with dark brown hair, and a nose so perfect; as if it was molded to perfection. He swiftly entwined me into his arms, and then ducked behind a dumpster. Seconds later the men who had been chasing me ran by, not even glancing at the dumpster. The guy still had me close, my head on his chest, close enough to hear his heartbeat. A muffled tick, tick, tick, it was as if we were waiting, anticipating for some tragedy to happen, just seconds away. The man opened a door right of the edge of the alley, maybe the door came out of, or maybe a new door where he is taking me. He motioned for me to come forward and I debated, I could run, or go with him. I thought that if he saved me from those other guys, he must be some hero or something, so I went in.

Inside there was a fire burning, crackling. You could tell the wood was fresh. A couch and three reclining chairs sat in front. There was a staircase spiraling up as far as I could see, and a door way leading to a kitchen, or dining room. He came out of that doorway with a dark blue mug, a stirring stick still circling the sides of the mug. "Tea?” he offered, very welcoming but outgoing. He must of realized I was unsure about it because he immediately replied, " I know your cold, and don't worry it’s not poison." I felt assured that he was good, maybe not a hero stereotype, but good. I walked over to the mug and wrapped both hands around it. “Thanks", I wasn't just thanking him for the tea, but for saving my life, and my ankles.

We sat down and talked for a long time. His name was Evander. We talked about why they had been chasing me, I told him the best description, “I had stolen a whole bunch of money form a man named Carter, he had killed my mom for ratting him out to the cops, and he was selling prescription medicine on the street. When I stole the money he figured out it was me, the he got all of those men to come get me. They rang my doorbell and I went out the backdoor, they chased me until I was here." he said he understood by I highly doubt he did. He seemed so perfect, so good. I told him my name and he told me what it meant, "Rosalie... that means beautiful." he said it so crisp, every syllable was heard, so reputable.

He watched me sip my tea all the way down to the last drop. Then he asked me if I wanted another cup. I immediately said no, for the fire being so warm, and then putting hot tea into my body, I wanted to strip down and lay on the couch in the cold. I could feel the hot tea rushing through me, first my chest, then my arms, then through my torso down to my feet. It felt good, so good.

Evander asked me, “Where do you live, I can walk you home”, but I couldn’t go back, not back to that house. I have called it home for so long, I told my self it was my home; but it wasn’t home. It was a house, and there much more to a home then a house. A home is warm, welcoming. Not dark and cold, my house was cold, the stairs creaked, and the floors rubbed against my feet, unwelcoming and rough. He again realized I didn’t know what to say, so he said, “You can stay here if you like.” I nodded my head and smiled. “Here, let me show you where you can sleep”, he walked up the stairs and to the left was a salmon colored room. It had a chestnut like bead stand, and a blue quilt on the bed. There was a chestnut dresser to match the bed stand. Evander had left, but right when I thought I was alone he came in with a white t- shirt and some gym shorts. “Here, you must not want to sleep in jeans,” he handed me the pile of clothes. “Thank you, for everything; letting me stay here, making me tea, giving me clothes, saving my life, thank you,” “ no problem,” his eyebrows curved and he sneaked and quick smile.

The next morning he had pancakes ready when I woke up, it was early but I couldn’t sleep. “You’re up early,” he yawned. “Yah I couldn’t sleep, I was worried” “well don’t worry, no one will get in here, trust me.” “Ha-ha, thanks.”

I was still a little uneasy about staying at a complete stranger’s house, but for someone reason it seemed good, so good. We watched a movie after breakfast, and he didn’t leave my side all day. Later we went to the park; he climbed a tree, and then reached his hand down for me to grab. When I grabbed his hand he pulled me up as if it were nothing. “You’re strong,” I said sarcastically, “Yah, it runs in the family.” We both laughed, time had gone by of us just gazing, him at me, and me at him. Before I knew it my lips were on his, my eyes closed. His lips were so soft, so gentle; as if I was so fragile, and he was a monster.
“I am,” he said interrupting such a perfect moment. “What?” I questioned not understanding the comment
“A monster, I am,”
“What are you talking about?”
“You just thought, so gentle; as if I was so fragile, and he was a monster”
Then I realized that he heard me, or something.
“I can,” he said so embarrassed, so apologetic.
“What are you?” I said under my breath, I had heard fairy tales and read books about mind reading, blood sucking, creatures, but I never thought even for a second that they could be real.
“That’s me, exactly, a blood sucking, mind reading super strong creature”
“No, no, there not real” He looked at me and I looked at him.
“It’s called a Vampire” he smiled.
“Shut up, I know what it is,” he laughed then picked me up and held me like a baby, then jumped down from the tree.

“Trust me,” he looked at me and then took my hand. He took a stick and scraped my palm. Blood dripped out little by little, he moved my palm towards his mouth, and though I was scared I trusted him. His mouth suctioned to my wrists and the blood was sucked out of my palm little by little. After thirty seconds he released his mouth, and my hand instantly healed.
“I don’t eat humans; I’m on a vegetarian diet, only animals.” He laughed again, and I smiled. I would usually be so freaked out by this, but for some reason it seemed good, so good.

The author's comments:
I will post the next part of the story next week. Each week i will post a new part. Each entry will have a different title but will have number beside of it saying which part it is

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