Fifth Period

November 28, 2011
By EmmaSue SILVER, Lake Worth, Florida
EmmaSue SILVER, Lake Worth, Florida
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Tapping my pencil in fourth period I wait. Watching the clock as it tortures me by ticking so very slowly. The teachers voice is just slowly slipping farther and farther away as I watch the clock. Just two more minutes. That’s all. Two minutes. It couldn’t be so bad could it? But it could.

Two minutes is 120 seconds. Which is way too long to be waiting for fifth period. Tick, tock, tick, tock. The stupid clock could not go any slower. The dreaded clock on the wall couldn’t just double it’s speed just this once? Please? I guess not. Fifth period is my own personal heaven. Row 3 seat 12 is my seat and it’s the best seat in the whole world. Why, you may ask? Because right in front of that seat in row 2 seat 12 is Johnny Macabee.

Johnny Macabee is the most gorgeous human being on planet Earth. His soft, silky, blonde hair tosses whenever he laughs. His voice is smooth like maple syrup being poured on hot pancakes. His flawless height of 5 foot 9 makes him the perfect height for him to be adorably taller than I am. He is the captain of the basketball team, lacrosse team, and the football team. He is student council President, math club champion, and top of the class. Johnny Macabee is a god. Every girl longs for him. When you see pictures in the yearbook of basketball games, all you see is girls staring dreamily at him. Every girl wants him to be hers. And I get to sit behind him!

Which is why I must, must get to fifth period. If this clock does not hurry up, I think I may explode into tiny girl pieces. Tick, tock, tick, tock. I hate this class. I. Am. Going. To. Die. Wait, wait, what time is it? A minute left! Are you kidding me!? I can’t wait that long! Instead of sitting behind that beautiful head belonging to the most amazing boy in the world, I am sitting in the front row of Mr. Lawry’s class learning about the American Revolution. I am going to die! Wait, just 10 seconds left! 9...8...7..come on! 5..4..3..2...

Hello heaven.

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