Looking for Change

November 17, 2011
By Anonymous

I stepped out of the car and in that instant I had known that we were there. It was the perfect place, the perfect place to get my mother’s death out of my head and get back to reality. I walked out of the car with my dad and my brother and we headed straight to the lobby. We were in Hawaii, we were in the four seasons and everything was perfect. The entrance of the resort was beautiful, it had a long white hallway that lead to the lobby and there were exotic plants on both sides of the hallway. There was a man that took our luggage, his name was Diego, he had brown eyes and he was short and kind of chubby, he was really nice to us and he gave us free tropical drinks when we arrived. I knew that after this vacation my life would change, it had to. I had never been to such a nice place; it was the hotel of my dreams. There were plants everywhere and there were palm trees and it was so full of life, it was so full of nature. This was just what I had needed. The lobby was pretty big, there were three couches that had flower-patterned fabric and there was a big wooden table that had both magazines and snacks on it for the people waiting to check in. My brother, my father and I walked up to the front desk and the lady was very kind, she gave us the keys to our rooms, and as I had turned around to go to the room with my dad and my brother, something caught my eye, it was a guy. He was very cute, he was a tall blonde guy with an eight-pack and shiny blue eyes and his friend was very cute to, he was tall to and he had brown hair, green eyes and a rocking body and the best part was that both of them were shirtless. He was very cute, but the thing that caught my eye was his shiny blue eyes. I had seen cute guys before, I had seen guys with pretty eyes before, but I had never seen a guy with such beautiful eyes, not only his eyes stood out, he stood out. He didn’t look like a jerk, like many guys that were as cute as him; he looked like a nice guy. After I had seen these two guys, I knew that this had been the perfect place to come and think about something other than my mother’s death. In that moment I had known that the only thing I was going to be thinking about there were the rocking bodies of all the cute guys around me. I walked towards the room with my dad and my brother and as I got closer to the room, the view kept getting better there were so many cute guys there; I don’t think there was anything better to watch. When I got to the room, I was so surprised; I had never seen such a beautiful room before. My room had a queen sized bed in the middle, it was made out of wood and there were two side tables on each side of the bed and there was a plasma TV on the table in front of the bed and it had all sorts of channels. I was so amazed with my room and both my brother and my dad’s rooms were pretty cool to. When I had finished unpacking all my things and I had checked out all the rooms in our little cabin, I went to the bar alone to get something to drink. I walked to the bar and when I arrived, I saw that there were many cute guys here and I thought to myself this vacation is certainly working, I haven’t cried about my mother not one single time. I sat on the first chair I saw was available at the bar and I asked for a Virgin Piña Colada. When I was about to finish my drink, this handsome looking guy came up to me and invited me for another drink. That moment I seemed to have fallen in love. He was so cute he was the same guy that had caught my eye earlier, he was blonde, tall and fit and he had those blue eyes that just made me go crazy. He asked what my name was and I said that my name was Vanessa and he told me his name was Jake.

“Hey, do you want to have a drink with me, he said as I stared at his shiny blue eyes.”

“Sure, drinks sound good to me, I replied with a huge smile on my face.”

“Vanessa, I have dated many girls, but the moment I saw you I saw you
at the bar, I knew that you were the girl for me.”

“I have dated many guys to but you seemed to catch my eye, and you shiny blue eyes, I have never seen something so beautiful.”

“ You seem like a very happy girl and for once, someone has made me really happy.”

“I’m not as happy as you think. I don’t tell this to many people, but my mom died on my seventeenth birthday, seven months ago and since that day nobody has really made me smile again, but now you have done that; you made me smile again.”

“ I’m so sorry, but I think our pasts really relate, my dad died on the day that I graduated from high school. I thought that graduation would be the best day of my life, but don’t we all. I know how you feel, I feel the same way.”

“I’m sorry too, but I am glad to have found someone who I can relate to and who feels like. I never thought someone as perfect as you would even come close to having a similar past as me.”

“ Well you were wrong. So… tell me why are you even here, at this resort.”

“ Well, I came here to change something, which is to clear my head and start fresh. Since my mom died, I am not myself, but I hope that will change with this vacation.”

After that, we kept on talking and he was such a nice guy, he had almost the same past as me and he understood me, someone finally understood me, and that’s what I had loved about him. When we finished talking, we went to take a walk on the beach. The beach was my favorite place to be, the sound of the waves crashing against the shore and the soft touch of the beach and the palm tree’s leaves flowing with the wind brought such happiness to me.

“ I’ve never met someone like you, I have never met a girl who doesn’t only talk to me because they think I am cute, I have never met a girl who hasn’t tried to flirt with me, but now I have, he said with a smile.”

“ And I--- have never met someone who understands my past as much as you.”
When I said this, he smiled, kept silent, but gave me a big hug.
“It’s getting pretty late. I don’t know if you want to stay with me and watch the sunset, or if you want me to take you back to your room, he said.”
“I would love to stay, that’s actually the thing I most like, staying up to watch the sunset.”
We sat on the beach and he kept on hugging me, he was so sweet, he brought me back to life, no other person had brought back my sense of humor since my mom died, but he did, he was the guy of my dreams.

“ I know that I am just getting to know you today, but you are everything I have ever asked for in a girl, he said.”

Before I could even respond to him, he leaned over and kissed me. This kiss, it was magical. I had never felt something like this in my life. I had certainly kissed other guys, but nothing was like this kiss. Nothing. It gave me a sensation, so hard to describe, but it made me happy, it made me realize that my mom had left me, had left us but life went on. He was perfect Jake was perfect. We kept on talking about our pasts as we walked along the beach, but it got late and he took me to my room.

“Thank you, thank you for being so nice to me and for understanding me. This is a night I will remember forever, I will remember you forever, he said before he leaned over to give me another kiss.”

This was the day that changed me, he changed, and that kiss- it

changed me. He made me realize the truth about life; he made me realize
that crying wouldn’t make my mother come back, it would only make me sad, but moving on would make her proud. He didn’t only make me realize a lot of things, he made me be myself again.

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