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November 9, 2011
By SweetTart BRONZE, Monclova, Ohio
SweetTart BRONZE, Monclova, Ohio
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In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on.
~Robert Frost

Scattered, were the leaves that blew in front of her, as she walked along the edge of the railroad track. The evening sun’s rays peaked through the few grey clouds left hovering low in the sky. Her favorite purple dress clung to her legs as a result of the wind and her hair billowed behind her in a dramatic fashion. She whistled a tune and hopped back on to the rusty tracks. Her arms stretched outward for balance as she continued on until the park came in into view. The wind seemed to blow a smile on to her face when she saw what she had come for. There he sat on a single swing, alone and waiting just for her. Her pace quickened with every heartbeat. The girl crept up behind him slowly and placed her hands around his head and over his eyes. He was startled for a moment.
“Guess who?” She whispered. He smiled.
“It can’t be my Ella. She is never late,” He spoke back. She let him free and walked around to the front of the swing.
“It’s me silly,” She replied with a smile. Ella noticed that the other two swings had been flung over the top bar; making them useless. Something told her that she wasn’t late, and that he was really early. He took notice to the fact that she was admiring his handy work.
“Looks like we will have to share,” He shrugged, and patted his lap. She rolled her eyes with a smile and sat down. Her hands curled around his on the chains and she turned her head to look back at him. Their eyes met and the corner of her mouth twitched. “Hello stranger,” She breathed. He kissed her ever so sweetly and rocked his feet back and forth on the ground as they swayed together. There was silence for a few precious moments. The two let the sound of the rusty swing do the talking. Her head rested on his chest, and she felt him breathe. Up, and down, up, and down, taking in the chilly fall air. She closed her eyes. He rested his cheek on her head and closed his too.
“What’s your favorite time of day?” She asked. He smiled. This was their game.
“Sunset,” He murmured. “And yours?”
“Whatever time of day I am with you,” She smiled and their eyes met again. He kissed her atop the head. She giggled. “What’s your favorite sea creature?”
“An octopus,” He stated. She perked up.
“How come?” Was her confused reaction.
“Because,” He grinned. “More arms to tickle with!” His hands released the swing chains and grabbed her waist. She squirmed with delight and gasped a ‘Stop it!” In between laughs. He finally let go, she got up, and situated herself again, this time sitting facing him on his lap, spider style like she used to do with her friends in kindergarden. They began to swing.
“I feel like a little kid again,” She admitted softly. He grinned.
“Me too,”
“I like it,” She decided. He nodded in agreement.
“What was your favorite thing about being little?” he asked.
“My paint easel and my Power-rangers backpack,” It was clear this wasn’t the first time she had thought this through.
“You had a Power-rangers Backpack?” He asked in disbelief.
“Yah!” She defended herself. “You got a problem with that, buddy?” She smirked. He smirked.
“No problem,” Said the boy teasingly. “I had a Barbie hidden under my bed with my GI Joes,” He confessed with a chuckle. She let out a hearty laugh and they both giggled together until a sudden gust of wind brought a chill to their bones. Quickly the girls face fell, the usual sparkle in her eyes died and she looked to her side.
“I told my dad I’d only be gone for a bit,” She murmured. Her eyes met his for another time. “It’s been 20 minutes, and you know how long it takes me to get home,” Her voice caught in her throat when she spoke the last few words. His smile fell also.
“I know,” He replied halfheartedly. It was these little meetings that they lived for, they dreamed of and that they remembered the best. Parting became harder every time. She pushed her forehead against his and stared hard into his eyes. “I love you,” Were the words that escaped her lips before any others. He returned the affection with a long kiss. The world fell from beneath their feet and swing rocked to and fro in a gentle manner that was relaxing to both souls.
“I love you too.” They pulled apart and he stood up, lifting her up with him and spinning her around in a massive hug. Finally he set her down and she blew him a kiss goodbye. He caught it and put it in his pocket. The two turned around, they headed their opposite ways and strolled back into reality.

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