always and forever

November 22, 2011
By Anonymous

As a handsome guy like me it’s pretty easy for me to get a valentine, I just go up to a girl with flowers and ask them right? WRONG! Not this year my good looks won’t work, there’s this one special girl. She’s cute, smart, and makes me laugh everything I would describe as perfect. Well I just described my best friend Christine she’s amazing, but I can’t be in love with her she’s like a sister. If I told her how I felt this could ruin everything and I don’t want that but I don’t want to regret not telling her how I truly feel. I would text her, but I want to know how she is saying everything, and I would slip a note in her locker but we don’t go to the same school. I thought about telling her when she came to my house but that never happened I choked and instead I said, “Christine I’ve been wanting to tell you that I love being your best friend.” I don’t know what I was thinking, but I don’t get how this could be so hard if I tell her anything else. I’m just afraid that she won’t feel the same way I do deep down inside. Me and Christine been texting all day & night nonstop and I still can’t figure out a way to tell her how I really feel. This whole thing is really starting to bug me so to get this off my chest I made up my mind and I will I ask her tomorrow. So it wouldn’t come as a surprise to her I texted her and told her that we needed to talk. When she came over my house the next day of course we didn’t get straight to the point I was kind of hoping she forgot, but just as I thought about that she says to me, “You know how you have to tell me something, well I have to tell you something too.” At that moment I didn’t know what to think, “what is it?” I said in concern, “You go first” Christine instantly said, “No you” I said, but she looked way to nervous and I went first. “So Christine, we been best friends for a while, and I’ve been thinking “--- Christine cut me off and said, “Spit it out!” “Okay ummm I’m in love with you Christine” I said, and she kissed me. That was not the response I expected but I did hope it would happen. Christine looked at me and said, “I feel the same way Justin and I’ve been feeling this way for a while I just didn’t know how to let you know”, I was still speechless from the kiss but I wasn’t holding back, i said “I thought you wouldn’t feel the same.” She stopped for a second, “What’s wrong?” I said, “What if this ruins our friendship, do you think we should actually date? She said in hesitation. That was something to think about, but I was already prepared myself for the outcome. “If we have a strong friendship nothing in this world should change that, and I will still love you, always and forever” I said, and when I looked at Christine she looks relieved by my words and said “Your right nothing in this world.” “So what do you say, be mine?” I said,“Ofcourse Justin” she said.

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