Surprise Surprise

November 22, 2011
By Kenzieee95 BRONZE, Toronto, Other
Kenzieee95 BRONZE, Toronto, Other
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“What are you planning for your birthday, Summer?” My best friend Crystal Waters asked excitedly during English class. “You’re finally going to be 16 like the rest of us old people.” she joked.
“I know! I hate my birthday in December!” I exclaimed. “I’m not sure what I’m going to do yet, probably just something small with a few close friends. Considering I’m not as bubbly as you and I don’t have friends from the ten clubs I joined, I don’t have many options.”
“I told you to join with me! It would make them so much more fun! Why are you so shy?” She replied, moving her light brown hair out of her dark brown eyes with her neatly painted fingertips.
“It’s not my thing.” I said. “I’d rather just do my homework afterschool and hangout with you.”
“Sometimes I wonder how a quiet bookworm like you got the captain of the football team!” Crystal was referring to my boyfriend of 3 months; Tyler Mathews. We met when we were paired up for a math assignment and I thought he’d just be another one of those dumb jocks but he proved me wrong. Crystal and I were both completely shocked when he asked me out to celebrate the 90% we got on the assignment.
“So do I.” I sighed, fiddling with my long blond hair. “But then I remember how happy I am and forget about it!” I giggled happily.
“You are so lucky! Just watch out okay? A lot of girls like him and don’t like the thought of you two together and I don't want you to get hurt.” Crystal warned as the bell rang for lunch. We packed up our books and headed towards our lockers. When we were on our way to the cafeteria I spotted Tyler walking towards us. I smiled to myself and realized Crystal was right, I am lucky. Unfortunately, I realized that she was also right about every girl liking him. I noticed every girl he passed smile and wave flirtatiously. I swallowed worriedly and bit my lip as Tyler finally reached us. He kissed my forehead and looked at me.
“What’s wrong?” he asked.
“Nothing,” I lied. “Why?”
“You’re biting your lip. You only do that when you’re worried.”
“I bet I know!” Crystal exclaimed. “You’re worried about what we were talking about earlier!” My eyes went wide and I tried to mouth “Shut up!” to her but she didn’t get it.
“What were you talking about?” Tyler asked.
I panicked. “Oh, nothing, just-” but Crystal cut me off saying:
“She doesn’t know what she should do for her birthday.”
“Oh, well I’m sure you’ll think of something.” He said to me.
“Yeah me too.” I said relieved that Crystal was confused.
After lunch Crystal and I headed to biology. We had a supply teacher and ended up talking the whole period which helped get my mind off of Tyler. When the period ended I went to math and Crystal went to art. When I got to class I sat in my usual seat next to Tyler but he wasn’t there yet. Class began but Tyler still didn’t show up. Where is he!? I thought to myself. Ten minutes later he wandered into class and slid into the seat next to me, blushing.
“Where were you?” I whispered.
“I was um… talking to my coach about our practice tonight.” He said out of breath.
“Oh…okay.” I replied biting my lip again. Tyler didn’t sound very reassuring, but I tried to forget about it and focus on our teacher.
After math class I said goodbye to Tyler who had to stay back and talk to the teacher about being late and then had to go to basketball practice. Since it was winter and we live in Canada, the football season was over, but Tyler likes to keep in shape during the off-seasons. I was on my way to my locker when I ran into Crystal.
“Summer!” She exclaimed. “We need to talk! Now!” Like always she was excited about something. She pulled me into the girl’s washroom and checked around to see if there was anyone else in the room. When she was sure there was no one there she locked the door.
“What’s going on!?” I demanded starting to think she was crazy.
“Tyler’s cheating on you!” She blurted out.
“What!?” I exclaimed. “How? How do you know?” I said panic stricken. My heart started to beat unusually fast.
“After biology when I was going to art I saw Tyler in the hall talking to that new girl Samantha.” She said.
“That’s it?” I was starting to feel relieved; Crystal did always over-exaggerate “He talks to girls all the time, it doesn’t mean anything.”
“Yeah, maybe when they’re the normal girls he sees every day. The girls who know you two are together.” Crystal said starting to scare me again. “Besides, they were talking for a long time. Wasn’t he late for math?”
“Your right. He was late for math.” Realization was starting to kick in as I spoke. “But he told me he was talking to his coach. Why would he lie to me?”
“I told you! And the worst part was that he even hugged her good bye.” Crystal must have noticed the look on my face change because she came over and stood next to me giving me a side hug. “I’m really sorry Summer.”
“I still don’t believe this!” I shouted, trying to keep back tears. “We’ve been together for so long and all of a sudden some new girl comes to town and the past three months meant nothing?”
“I know.” Crystal whispered against my hair. “But what if you’re right? I mean it’s Tyler! I don’t know if he’d really do something like that to you? Would he?”
“I guess,” I said sniffling. “but what if he would?”
“Well were not going to let that happen.” Crystal said facing me. “Pull yourself together! We’re going to get to the bottom of this. And if he would do something like that, we are not going to let him get away with it!” We left the washroom and headed home planning to follow Tyler around tomorrow to see if what Crystal said was true. I really hoped she was wrong. I love him; I just haven’t been able to tell him yet. I would be heartbroken if he was cheating on me. Although I understand why he would. There are so many prettier, skinnier and outgoing girls at school. Their confidence shines like the sun, while I don’t have much confidence. I’d much rather read at home then go out partying like most people.
The next day Crystal and I got to school early so we could peek in Tyler’s locker before he got to school. As we quickly walked through the halls I noticed that it was pretty empty which was perfect for us. When we reached Tyler’s locker I quickly entered his combination and opened his locker. His locker was pretty messy with his sports bag on the bottom and an old hoodie hanging on the hook. On the shelf were his books, crammed in, just fitting. On the inside of his door were his school and sports schedules. Underneath them was a picture of the both of us from the Halloween dance. I was dressed as a cat and he was a zombie pirate. I smiled to myself. I really hope we’re wrong.
“What’s this?” Crystal asked snapping me back to reality. She was pointing to a slip of pink paper sticking out from under our picture. I guess I was too distracted by the picture to notice it. Crystal gently slid it out from behind the picture and gasped.
“What is it?” I asked. Crystal handed it to me. On the little slip of pink paper was a phone number. Under the number was written; ‘Call me anytime – Sammie ?’. I gasped too. I couldn’t believe it. “He- he is cheating on me.”
“This looks bad.” Crystal agreed. We heard footsteps around the corner. “Quick!” she whispered. “Someone’s coming!” We slid the pink paper back where it belongs and quietly closed Tyler’s locker and ran as quietly as we could trying to get far away from there. As I was running I looked back to see if there was anyone behind us and ended up slamming right into someone. They fell back and I landed on top of them.
“Summer?” Tyler asked getting up and pulling me up with him.
“Tyler! Tyler are you alright?” Came a female voice I didn’t recognize from somewhere behind us. I turned around slowly and saw Samantha running over and grabbing his arm. I looked at her and back at Tyler, not even bothering to try and stop the tears flooding my eyes. I looked over at Crystal who was just reaching us after not witnessing the fall.
“We were right.” I said as Crystal wrapped her arms around me giving Tyler a dirty look.
“Summer? Summer what’s going on!?” Tyler said wrenching his arm from Samantha’s grip.
“Why don’t you tell me what’s going on Tyler? Why don’t you explain why you have the guts to tackle an entire football team but not to break up with me so you could date some new girl?” I cried.
“Huh? Break up with you? Summer I love you.” He said looking hurt. My eyes widened. He’s never said that to me before.
“Then how come you never told her that?! And why are you dating Samantha!?” Crystal exclaimed. Tyler looked over at Crystal like she was crazy.
“I’m not dating Sam! She has a boyfriend! Besides I’d never do that to Summer. I was trying to keep it a surprise but I guess that won’t work anymore. Sam was helping me plan a party for Summer’s Birthday. Her parents own that big party store downtown.” He exclaimed looking at me, his green eyes shining. My heart stopped. I felt like an idiot.
“You were?” I choked staring at him. He smiled.
“Yeah Summer,” He said taking my hand. “I love you.”
“I love you too.” I said smiling. We kissed as Crystal and Samantha said ‘Awww’.
A couple weeks later, on my 16th birthday, Tyler and my family took me out for dinner. After dinner Tyler drove me to his house. We went into the basement and all of the lights were off.
“Surprise!” My friends shouted as they threw confetti at me.
“Wow!” I exclaimed winking at Tyler and Crystal, who had moved to the other side of Tyler. “I wasn’t expecting this!”

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