When it's love

November 23, 2011
At first it's straight pain, there's no way to get around that stage. You feel broken and there is not a single thing that can get that person off of your mind. You replay every memory, every slight smile that crossed your lips, but none of that makes it feel better. You're like a car that swerved off the road, suddenly your whole world turned upside down and everything that you lived by was a lie. You see something that for a slight moment reminds you of them and that is the single thought in your mind. You focus in on that, it's like a hole. You fall in, but you can't climb out. Your friends will know what happened, but nothing even your bestfriend will say will make it hurt less. Your family will see you hurting, but really your mom can't say anything to sew up your broken heart, you're too old for that. The only person that can make you heal is yourself. You loved with everything you had, which is more courageous than how they loved half heartedly and left you alone. You were the fearless one, but in the end you will be okay. That is inevitable. You will recover, your heart will mend, and as hard as it is to believe, you will move on. The sad thing is, they will look back and miss it, but it will be too late brake comfort in that. Take comfort in that and take your time. You know your heart better than anyone else on this planet. So let your heart journey down that path that we all call love. 

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