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November 14, 2011
By apookie BRONZE, Bedford, Kentucky
apookie BRONZE, Bedford, Kentucky
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There once was a girl who lived in a small town, where everyone knew everyone else. This girl knew pretty much everyone and often wondered around the town in a stroll to find her right mind in the crisp air in that town. The town wasn’t a popular, in fact when leaving this town for trips people often asked this girl and her family where they were from, mostly hearing a response of “where is that” or “I’ve never heard of there”. This girl her name was Jamie, she had quite a few friends, her being popular among her school, while also being of kin to many individuals. Jamie sometimes would wrap herself up in her favorite sweater or hoodie and her brown sheepskin boots to stay warm while walking in the crisp air. While she walked she thought of how she could get out of this ‘one-horsed town’ and be successful in her lifetime. She thought of how she could go to college and be an attorney, not always thinking of the money she might make but the chance to help put away the bad guy.
During one of Jamie’s strolls she ran into a group of young high school drop-outs walking on the sidewalks with their shorts and short sleeved shirts. With the snow deep on her ankles she thought she should turn around and just go home, seeing these ‘thugs’ she didn’t want to run into made her wish to turn around and walk home. The idea was a good though but she also thought to just not make eye-contact with them and defiantly not to turn her back on them. She takes a step towards the right to guarantee she’s not in their path. Jamie then feels as if someone stole her breath, she almost drops to the ground but then catches herself. She’s bleeding in her side, she tries to get home just making it inside her house as it all goes black, she feels her dads warmth wrap her and hears the loud sirens of an ambulance close by. She half-awake now, still not knowing what’s going on she drifts in and out of conciseness. The doctor is looking at her wound when she wakes up, she soon asks what happened. “It looks like you have been stabbed, in the side of your hip” the doctor answers. The only thing Jamie can think of is when the group of thugs walked past her and she felt the short breath.
Jamie’s dad was soon asking who did this, when the police showed up with a picture and some questions. “Ma’am, do you know this young man?” the cop says holding up a picture of a young male with dark blonde shaggy hair and blue-brown eyes.
“Yes officer, I saw him and a group of others like him right before I was stabbed.”
“Ma’am, we believe that this was the punk who assaulted you, his name is Jack.”
“Yes, one of my friends boyfriends.”
“We have him in custody right now, we are going to question him soon, is there anything that might help us make sure this is him?”
“Well, I do know that he hates me, he could be trying to eliminate me, to get to my friend. He has been very mean to her and she asks for advice and I tell her to break up with him, and to not have intercourse with him.”
“Thank you Ma’am.”
“Thank you.”

The cop walks out; Jamie’s dad asks if that was him and she soonly answers with a simple yes. Falling fast Jamie is back into the black of unconsciousness, unknowing of anything that’s going on.

Waking up at least three hours later she feels much better, thinking it’s the medicine, but surprisingly it wasn’t. The nurse walks in and says “well hello sunshine. Glad to see your awake now. We have put some stitches in the wound so it will heal.” Not knowing what to say Jamie slowly nods her head up and down. “Oh honey, they also dissolve, so you don’t have to get them removed.” Looking confused she nods her head again. “The IV is out and you are welcome to sign out when your dad gets back from the cafeteria.” Still nodding her head, she sees the cop that was there earlier coming into her room.

The first thing he says is, “we got em. You know, to confess that he did do this to you.” Not pausing he goes on to say “it didn’t take long, he is still in custody and it’s up to you if you want to press the charges or not.” Nodding yes, Jamie knows she wants to. “Ok then, he will have court soon and you must arrive to follow through.”
“How long?” Jamie asks.
“Excuse me?”
“How long will he be sentenced?”
“Oh, most he can be in since he’s a minor is three years for the assault.”
“Oh, well i'm pressing for attempted murder.”
The room falls silent after hearing this, the cop pulls his phone out to call the prosecutor, he says “Jamie wants charges to be attempted murder. Yes, and assault. Ok, thanks.”
Jamie’s dad walks in holding a cup of coffee, he says “oh thank you God.” Comes and gives her a kiss on the cheek and sits down.
“I’m read to leave.” Jamie says directly to her father. He nods his head yes and begins to gather her things from the small white room. They begin to put her in a wheelchair to let her start to leave.
“You need to not walk and go get these prescriptions filled; one of them is for a wheelchair that you will need until the stitches dissolve.” The doctor instructs as opening the door to the exit. The cop is following Jamie to her car. The cop instructs that she be accompanied at all times until the court date, seeing that the others in the group may want to finish a witness/victim. Both nodding their heads, they show they understand what he’s saying. Getting into the car is a little tough but they manage to do so. Waiting for the court date is hard, knowing that he might get off.
Rolling into the courtroom makes a gasp among the crowd. The trial isn’t very long, considering that Jack doesn’t have an attorney. Jack soon gets sentenced to 15 years, 5 in a juvenile’s home until he turns 18 and goes to prison for the rest of his sentence. Now being the front cover of every newspaper and magazine in the state, Jamie feels better.
Jack’s girlfriend Jenna, Jamie’s best friend, was very angry at Jamie. Always asking why she did that, Jamie would answer “I did nothing to that boy, he stabbed me and tried to murder me, why can’t you understand that.’’ One day Jamie breaks out in tears in her history class, knowing she has lost her best friend. The teacher Mr. Castler asks what’s wrong and tries to talk to her but doesn’t get anywhere. The boy beside her named William Beals asks her if she needs to go into the hall and talk to him. Since Jamie was in love with William she said yes, William pushes her into the hallway. They talk for a little bit while Jamie’s tears dry up and Mr. Castler comes out and says is everything ok now. They go back into the room and William stops, kneels down beside Jamie and kisses her smoothly on the lips. Everyone starts clapping like it’s the end of a love story. Looking away at this Mr. Castler says “I didn’t see anything” making everyone laugh.
William says “I thought I lost you and that I would never get to have my chance with you, I missed you. I love you.”
Almost speechless Jamie says “I love you too, willy.” The rest of the day was great; all the depression was replaced with love. Knowing that Jack was locked up, Jamie spent her years thinking this was a fairy tale and that it was meant to be a happily ever after, just like in the princess books. So it came to be known as the happily ever after story of her town.
The end

The author's comments:
romantic fiction with some interesting semi-action and mild violence

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