Tell Me That You Love Me

November 18, 2011
By promo3daniel BRONZE, The Colony, Texas
promo3daniel BRONZE, The Colony, Texas
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Stacey Jones cupped her perfectly manicured hands to Luke Cratcher’s ear and whispered,” I dare you to invite Agnes Walters to your party.” Luke glanced at Agnes who had her shoulders crouched and her stringy mouse-brown hair. Luke scrunched up his face,
“Eww, why?”
“As a joke, silly!” Stacey said as she playfully slapped his arm.

“Fine,” Luke said as he reluctantly got up. He walked up to Agnes and swiftly sat in the seat closest to her. Agnes looked up and saw herself face to face with Luke Cratcher the most gorgeous guy at Elmwood Central High School. She stared at his popsicle-blue eyes, mesmerized.
“Uhhh, hello.” Luke asked as he swiped his hand across her face. Agnes blushed. Luke smiled with his perfectly white teeth and said, “Hey, I’m having a party this weekend and I’d love it if you came.” Agnes’ brown eyes grew wide. “Me?” she asked in her barely-above-a-whisper voice.
“Yeah you…” Luke said, and then he got the most incredible idea.”….And, you know, um, this is a costume party and I personally think you would look great in, um, a Big Bird suit.” Agnes blushed again.
” Really?” she asked softly.
“Yup, hey, um, I got to go but I’ll see you at the party Friday night.” Luke winked at her and left.

“I don’t think that’s such a salubrious idea.” Chauncey Hopkins said as he adjusted his spectacles. Agnes and Chauncey were eating lunch and talking about Luke’s little invitation.
“Why?” Agnes asked sipping her carton of milk.
“Because! You and Luke are completely different people! Until today, you guys have never talked!”
“That’s not true! Luke asked me for a pencil in 6th grade!” Agnes said.
Chauncey squinted his green eyes, “That was four years ago.”
“I don’t care! Luke asked me, and I’m going! I’m tired of being such a loser!” Agnes slumped in her chair, her voice sounded as if she were about to cry.
She’s so cute when she cries, Chauncey thought, than he blushed. Why oh why was he in love with his best friend? And why didn’t she love him back? Because you’re a loser, he thought. Agnes is in love with Luke like every single girl at Jay Forest High School. Every single girl thinks Luke is Prince Charming or something. Every single girl thinks Luke is just PERFECT. Every single girl-
“Are you okay, Chauncey?” Agnes asked. Chauncey was squeezing an orange a bit too hard and now the juice was flowing down his sleeve. Agnes placed a hand on his shoulder and a zing of electricity shot through him and then he lamely mumbled,
“Yeah...” “Well I’m late for AP Bio; I’ll see you around okay?” Agnes said. “Bye Chauncey.”
“Bye,” Chauncey whispered as he watched her go.

“But it’s April” Agnes’ mom said with a confused look on her face.

“So?” Agnes asked as she twirled in her bright, fluffy, Big Bird costume.

“I don’t understand why there’s a costume party in April..?.”
“Mom you just don’t get it,” Agnes said.
She didn’t care if it was Easter; she was going to Luke Cratcher’s party. And sure, she looked kind of silly in her costume, but Luke said she would look great. Why not trust the hottest guy in school?
“Can I borrow the keys?” Agnes asked as she adjusted the yellow feathers on her suit. Her mom handed her the keys and kissed her goodbye. Agnes got in the car and drove to Luke’s house. She knew where he lived because she would walk past his house all the time just to see him outside.

Finally Agnes reached Luke’s house. She got out of the car and walked up the steps. Agnes adjusted her clothes, stuck her chin up high, and opened the door.


Chauncey drove house by house. Where was Luke’s house? He had to help Agnes. He knew Luke and Claudia had tricked Agnes. Chauncey heard them all laughing about it. He had to save Agnes from utter humiliation. Chauncey drove as fast as he could hoping he wasn’t too late.


The room was deathly quiet. Every eye stared at Agnes. Wait… Agnes thought.
“Where are y’all’s costumes?” she asked. And then the whole room—no, the whole house burst into uncontainable fit of laughter. Agnes stared at them, her eyes threatening to spill over. She caught Luke’s gaze, they locked eyes for a full second, and then Luke quickly looked down.
“I-I-I- …S-STOP IT!!” she cried. Agnes flung her hands in the air making an explosion of yellow feathers. This made everybody roar into laughter even more. Agnes swung open the door and slammed it shut just in time to see Chauncey sprinting up the steps. His blue cardigan was soaked from the rain that falling heavily upon him.
“Great! This is just great!” Agnes yelled as she slid down, her costume getting more absorbent than a sponge. “You okay?” Chauncey asked as he knelt beside her.
The rain was dripping down his glasses so he took them off. Agnes shook her head.
“You were right Chauncey,” she said sniffling, “You were the only one there for me while everyone else just abandoned me. I know I can always trust you—“Agnes stopped herself. Since when did Chauncey have such intense green eyes? And the way his brown curly hair hung over his head was just perfect. He was always there for her, laughed at her dumb jokes, and protected her. He had her back through all the trials and tribulations.
She realized she was in love with Chauncey. All this time they were friends, they were really falling in love with each other.
“Chauncey, I’m so glad that you’re here for me, and I just want to say that….I LOVE YOU!” Agnes blurted it out and gasped. What would he say?
Chauncey grabbed her and kissed her in the rain.

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