Do you love me too?

November 21, 2011
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Love is a strange thing. It sends your head spinning, your heart running. I lay awake at night, Wondering what your thinking about. Is it school, your friends, your crush?
I saw you look at me in class, a glint in your eye. Does that mean something? I stayed up all night tossing and turning in my sleep. Hoping that it was what I thought it was, but horrified that he might not even know I exist.

The sun was warm against my back. I took a deep breath of fresh clean spring air. The cut grass stung my nose, Making me sneeze. I leaned over a textbook, trying to memorize as fast as I could. People walked around me, waiting for their next class, voices that I don’t really know.
I almost jumped out of my skin when a figure sat next to me. The sun making him a shadow.
“Hey, Julie” He said, I knew that voice. I longed for it almost every night as I thought of its user. “Do you want to study for the test with me? I seriously don’t get it.” I just stared at him, not believing this was happening.
“Is that a No?” He asked, looking confused, “Julie?” I shook my head.
“No!” I practically shouted, Quickly gathering myself “ You can study...wi..with me.”
“Cool!” He said, his light blond hair glimmering in the sun. “Now, when was the French Revolution again...”

I didn’t realize how smart he was, how funny, and how kind. I didn’t think he needed to even study. He seemed to know it all! But It was the best 7 minutes of my life. I hoped it would never end. Though it did when a shrill bell rang through the sky.
“Well,” I said sadly “I guess we have to go to class” A feeling settled in my stomach. Disappointment? Nerves? Love?
“Yea” He said, was that...disappointment in his voice? “See you in class!” He turned to leave. A cloud covered the sun, making it cold. I wished he would put his arms around me, to keep me warm.
Then he turned around and walked to me. Kids had already gone inside, The field barren except for us. He put his hands on my shoulders and leaned in close.
Then he did something that probably surprised us both.
He kissed me.
His warm lips hit mine gently. I closed my eyes, enjoying the wonderful feeling in my heart.
“Julie?” He asked as his lips parted from mine.
“Yea?” I asked, i sinking feeling forming in my gut. The sun opened up above us
“Do you love me too?”

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Writer_Jordan said...
Feb. 22, 2012 at 6:58 pm
What a lovely story! One thing I would revise is His warm lips hit mine gently. Gently and hit don't collaborate well in a sentence. I would recommend saying 'pressed against'
Ekf07 replied...
Feb. 22, 2012 at 7:04 pm not good at grammer


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