The Meadow

November 21, 2011
By Twinwriterz SILVER, Vienna, Virginia
Twinwriterz SILVER, Vienna, Virginia
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It is now the time when the summer merges into fall. The leaves are switching from their ordinary green to bright abstract reds and oranges.

I cannot resist taking a walk to admire the beauty of it all.

With my mind completely empty, I glide out onto the steps of my mansion. The path on the side of the house calls my name. Making sure to tell my husband, who is riding, that I am leaving, I brush away the sticks and bushes to get to a small dirt road.

I realize that it leads two ways. I recall being here a while back, but something was different. Last time, there was only one path. This instantly makes my curious. I curse my thirst for knowledge, and continue down the new path, taking note of the birds flying along with me.

Soon I stumble upon a golden field, filled with long stalks grass. I push my way through, lifting my skirt up as I go.

I look up and see a man with hair as golden as the sun. He has light, but deep blue eyes. He is wearing a thin white cotton shirt that somehow manages to bring out silver specks in his eyes.

"Oh," I gasp. He spins around, and I see the startled look in his eyes. He recovers quickly. "Hello," he says politely. "Lost?" he then questions as I do not respond promptly. "Of course not!" I say, standing tall. He smiled a warm smile that made me head swirl, but I refused to show it. "You are so very amusing!" He laughed, throwing his head back. He held out a hand, "come." I feet moved on their own accord, and my hand slid into his. I knew I would regret it later, but I couldn't resist letting him lead me away.

He pushed my hair back from my face. The wind tirelessly pushing it around. "So stranger," he says, a lazy smile spread over his face. "What is someone like you doing walking around alone?" "I was going for a walk." I muttered, too distracted by a flower to notice we had stopped.

He reached over and plucked it. I looked up as he danced away, his smile turning mischievous. "Hey!" I called, laughing. I ran towards him, but he slipped away. I spun in circles until I was dizzy and breathless,and fell down breathing hard. He came and lay beside me.

We lay for hours, staring at each other, sometimes the sky, the plants. It was one of the best day of my life. I had a feeling more would come, and I was right. I spent years visiting him, until the day my husband died. We got married, and lived together happily for years.

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