New girl next door

November 10, 2011
By Anonymous

She loved to run. Will watched from his window as she flew by his house every morning. They had been neighbors for two weeks so far, but never officially met. She was pretty enough to be his girlfriend, he thought. He needed a girl like her. Maybe he should introduce himself…
Will wasn’t nervous. Talking to girls was his thing. Getting this new girl to date him would be easy. When she answered the door though, his confidence faltered slightly. She was even prettier than he’d originally thought. She had wavy long black hair and shocking bright blue eyes.
“Can I help you?” She glared.
“Yeah, Sorry,” He smiled easily “I just live right next door. I wanted to introduce myself since you just moved here.” For some reason his words upset her. Fury lit her icy eyes on fire.
“My name’s Megan. Can you leave now?” she seemed ticked off at him for just breathing. Will was shocked by her irritation, but he wouldn’t let that stop him. He put on the most charming smile he could manage.
“Nice to finally meet you Megan. I was wondering if you wanted me to show you around since you’re new,”
“Yeah thanks but no thanks. I don’t need a tour from someone like you.” She laughed and slammed the door in his face. He just stood there in shock. What the he** just happened? He thought. Will walked back to his house in a daze, wondering how she could’ve turned him down like that.


Did that seriously just happen?
Megan had her back pressed against the door that she had just slammed in Will Hart’s face. She slammed the door on Will. She’d had a crush on him for years. Apparently she’d been more invisible than she’d originally thought. They’d been neighbors for seven years. They used to hang out as kids even. How could he not remember her?

She remembered the day she met him. It was a snow day and school was out. She had just moved in next door. While all of the other kids played outside she watched sadly from the window. Tears rolled silently down her cheeks. She didn’t know anyone here, and wished she could just go back home. The door bell rang and her mother answered it.
“Meg someone’s at the door for you,” She smiled. Megan wiped the tears from her eyes and walked curiously to the door. Cautiously she peeked around her mom’s side. A small boy with shaggy brown hair smiled nervously when he saw me. He was dressed in a huge Eskimo jacket.
“Wanna come outside with me?” He visibly shook but I didn’t know whether it was from the cold or because he was nervous. I smiled widely and snatched my Barbie jacket off the stairs.
“Let’s go,” I laughed grabbing his hand and dragging him behind me.

A year or two after that, Megan got huge glasses and braces. She wasn’t pretty, and Will erased her from memory. The sweet little boy who asked her to come outside grew up into the infamous Will Hart. He was a well-known player these days. Girls fell head over heels for his cheesy lines and ‘charming smile’. Megan hated all of that, that was never why she liked him. She wasn’t in love with that Will. She was in love with the sweet Will who loved a good snowball fight. Sadly she saw no trace of that will in his eyes today.

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