The Deepness of Love: Part 2

November 8, 2011
His eyes were a pale blue. His mouth curved as he approached. He spoke such soft words. He flipped his envy black hair to the side. That is what Justin looked like. He made my heart skip a beat. He came closer and reached for my hand. He got it in a twist with his hand. My silky blond hair rested in a side ponytail. My pink tank-top was wrinkled at my stomach. Regina gave me a nasty look as we passed her locker. He took his free arm and adjusted his belt. While he did that I adjusted my mini, jean shorts. It was June 18th and we had two days to go until Summer. It was pretty cool because I was going to spend my vacation with my boy friend. Today we got our yearbooks back. Justin handed me his and I flipped to our prom picture. I kissed the page leaving my "Glitzy Glam Pink" lip gloss. He smiled as I handed hm mind. He look up a lot of space leaving me a sweet, romantic, tearjerker, note. He closed it up and wrapped his arm around me. He pulled me in for a kiss. His kiss was sweet and soft. Like nothing I felt before. The football players came rushing down the hall. He reluctantly pulled back. His friends "ooh" and "awed" as he smiled and winked. I nodded giving his the ok to hang with his buddies, while I hung with mine. The bell rang and today's day of school was finally over. I didn't encounter nobody as I slowly made my way through the opened doors. The walk home was long. As I passed house, my life slowly became almost perfect.

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SmileyBabe said...
Nov. 22, 2011 at 6:03 pm
k I admit my computer is screwed up sorry bout the messed up words!!! :(
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