The Note

November 10, 2011
By NataviaG BRONZE, Hatfield, Pennsylvania
NataviaG BRONZE, Hatfield, Pennsylvania
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Natie walks in the hallway and she sees Martin. They exchange eye contact but they do not say a word. Days and weeks go by and the same action goes on again. Until one day she built up the courage to stop him in the hallway just to say hello, but she froze up. His eyes were in her eyes and she was mesmerized by his beauty. She than looked down, not knowing what to say. He than gently touched her chin and softly lifted it up.
He asked “What’s wrong?”
Nervously looking up at him she answered, “Nothing.” and turns away proceeding with the hallway traffic.
The next day she sees him again. With no one to talk to or no where else to look, she winded up just looking straight ahead. As they were about to pass each other, he gently grabs her arm and they both proceed off to the side.
Looking at him in astonishment, she than opens her mouth, tensely and says, “Why are you so beautiful? You’re so different from the others.”
He than took his hand off her arm and slowly returned it back to his side.
He asked “How is that so?”
She than said “I do not know. You’re just so mysterious, which makes me want to know who you are, more as an individual. It draws me closer to you.”
He was amazed to hear what she had to say to him. He didn’t say a word. His silence left her lingering and with no farewell greeting she left. Her mind was everywhere asking herself “Why did I say that? Gosh, I’m so stupid. He’s not interested in me.” As the day went on, all she could think about was him and what she had said. After school, before her basketball practice she decided to write a note to him and slip it in his locker. The note had said:
“Dear Martin, I am sorry for telling you what I said earlier. If Knew it was going to scare you like that than I wouldn’t have told you how I felt. I’d rather have things go back to the way it was when we never even shared words with words with each other and how we would exchange eye contact but never have the guts to say or do anything. But I do want to tell you this. I have been interested in you for some time now and I feel whenever you look at me, your eyes pull my soul out my body, my heart out my chest, my mind out of its sanity and my consciousness out of my head. But I love that about you. I just want you to know, I will respect any decision you will convey.”
After, she slipped the note in his locker, she than heard footsteps coming from around the corner of the hallway. She ran the opposite way, around the corner, trying to be unseen. The foot steps got louder and louder than stopped. She heard a locker door open. Natie than took a peak but it was not him. It turned out to be another student rustling through their locker trying to find their English book. After the kid left, she too a deep breath and sighed in relief, but moments later a voice startled. It was Martin. He had snuck up behind her and asked what she was doing.
She calmly took a deep breath to maintain her shock and said, “I was just about to go to practice. I will see you around.”
Natie left before martin could even get a word out, and proceeded down the stairs. Martin walked casually to his locker and opened it. Out dropped the letter Natie wrote. He read it carefully, and after pondering over the note, he ran after her. Everything she said and wrote was bouncing up and down in his mind. He was just to emotional that he could not wait to see her face. He wanted to hug her, kiss her, hold her, whatever he could do just to show her that he felt the same way. He than spotted and shouted her name.
“Natie!” he called and she turned around with her mouth wide open.
Time had stopped and everything was quiet. He than progressively took a step towards her and a few more had followed. He than spoke and said with a slight laugh, “I got your note.” Her whole body language changed and she looked down.
She finally said, with a slight embarrassment, “Oh really?”
Martin then said “Yes.”
He than walked towards her, but she looked up and backed away each time he would get closer.
Martin then noticed and asked “Why are you backing away from me? He saw a lightly formed tear coming from her eyes.
He then asked “What’s wrong? Why are you crying?’
Natie than answered and said “Because I love you. Just by seeing you everyday, you make me feel alive and that I am somebody and I cannot believe you are standing here in front of me utilizing your time to come and talk to me about the note I wrote. I stated how I feel towards you…”
“Shh. Don’t speak.” Martin said softly. And before she new it, he was so close to her that he lifted her chin and kissed her. He than guided her body to the locker and for a moment he stopped. He than gave her an answer.
He said “I love you too. You’re different as well. You seem lost that I am not with you. You need someone who is there for you when you are feeling low. I will be your rock and you will be my rose.”
With his voice pleasuring her ears, she leaned in for another kiss. Martin than took her hands, and gently pulled her off the locker. He than suggested that she should go to practice. So he walked her to the gym. As Natie was getting ready to let go of his hand, he than pulled her in for a hug.
With his lips close to her ears, he softly whispered “I will always be there for you.”
Natie then looked up and said, lightly, ‘I know.” And she walked away.

The author's comments:
what inspired me to write this piece was my fantasy about my crush. I would love to slip a note in his locker which will contain the feelings that I have for him expressed in words , but these days teenagers think its to childish, so why not do it in my own story.

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