The Unexpected

November 17, 2011
By Anonymous

I kept wondering what was happening, or what did happen. My arm was in a cast, and I was in so much pain. I could see blood in the sheets, which made me really nervous at the moment. I remember asking a nurse why I was in the hospital, but she would only answer “The doctor will be here in a minute”. It was very frustrating for me, I couldn’t remember anything. I was trying my hardest to go back in time to last night. That’s when it clicked. Evan, the loud honk from the truck, the crash; in that moment, I started freaking out. I turned to look at the nurse and started yelling where Evan was, if he was ok, or if he was even alive. The nurse would just keep saying “The doctor will here in a few minutes and he will answer your questions, don’t worry sweaty”. Pfff, sweaty my ass. How could she be so chill about this situation when no one would tell me exactly what the hell had happened last night.
There were too many things in my mind, especially Evan. Did something bad happen to him? Was he awake? That’s when the doctor entered the room with my mom, dad, and my little brother. They ran to me, and hugged me. Right after I told them that I was ok and I had only a broken arm and had a couple of bruises, I immediately started to ask the doctor questions.
“Whoa now Abby, one question at a time” he said.
“Sorry” I said, “Ok, first I want to know if my friend who was in the car with me is ok?”
“He is, Evan, if I’m not wrong, is recovering in the room next door. He had a series of broken ribs and a broken foot, but nothing more than that”
“Oh thank God” I said, with a big relief, “And also, what exactly happened last night?” I continue to ask.
“Well, Evans breaks stopped working at the time when the truck crashed into his car. But the ambulance got there just in time to get you guys over here” He answered. I was very grateful at the time knowing that A) Evan was ok, and B) Nothing really bad that could have happened, didn’t happen.
After being in the hospital for about nine hours, I had permission to return back home, Evan also had permission to get out. We got to talk when we were in the parking lot. I started crying when I saw him. He was on a wheelchair for his ribs, and his foot. I ran up to him and hugged him, careful to not put him through more pain then he already was. Until this day, I can still remember his first words after the accident.
“I was so worried about you Abby! I was about to get out of my bed and go find you” he said.
“I was so worried about you too, I’m so glad you are ok Evan. When will you be able to get out of the wheelchair?” I asked
“Well, I have to stay home, in bed for a couple of weeks so my ribs can get back in place and start recovering, so maybe in a month and a half or something like that” He answered
“That’s good, I hope you get way better Evan, I really do”
“Thanks Abby, oh by the way, I still owe you a pizza” he said, chuckling
“Oh please, you don’t have to. We didn’t expect this to happen so don’t worry”
“I don’t have to, but I want to. How about once I’m off this wheelchair, I take you out for dinner to Gail’s Pizza Place?”
“Well, that sounds lovely, but this time, we could easily go walking” I said laughing.
“That would be a great idea” He said. Once we saw our parents coming out of the hospital, we said our goodbyes. I told him that I would go visit him every other day.
“Sounds good Abby, thank you, I really appreciate that”
“No problem” I said smiling.
“Abby, come on, we have to get you to rest some more” my mom said walking past me
“Ok mom” I answered, still looking at Evan.
“Well, I’ll see you tomorrow then ok?”I told Evan
“Alright, see you tomorrow, bye Abby”
“Bye Evan” I said back. I would have imagined an ending like in most movies when the guy runs to the girl, kisses her and says that he loves her, but this ending happened two months later at Gail’s Pizza Place. Today I am glad to call Evan, my crush since freshmen year, my boyfriend.

The author's comments:
This is one of my 3 scenes for English Class

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