She is Beautiful

November 6, 2011
By odpjesus BRONZE, Oregon, Wisconsin
odpjesus BRONZE, Oregon, Wisconsin
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I briskly walked down the hall quietly, trying not to pay attention to how late I was. I passed through the English Department, and crossed through the library, and finally found my way to my locker.

I twisted the dial, swearing to myself as I missed one of the numbers. Frustrated, I pounded my fist against my locker. “I hate this damn school!” I said loudly, putting my head down, so I could see the ground through my long black bangs. After a moment, I felt compelled to look behind me. I turned to see a beautiful girl, walking down the hall, looking at me. Shyly, I quickly fixed my hair, and leaned against my locker.
“Hey, excuse me,” she called out. “Do you know where Room 328 is? I’m new here.” I was caught off guard, I never expected her to talk to me. Shyly I answered, clearing my throat, and feeling uneasy.

“Uh, I think it’s down that way.” I said lying, pointing down the hallway to my left.
“Oh, thanks.” She said smiling, looking me in the eye. She turned slowly from me, and walked down the hallway slowly, turning back once or twice, her ebony hair beautiful, appearing to be as soft as silk, her figure, her aura, her smile. Everything about her was compelling, so lustful, so filled with desire.

“Hey, wait!” I blurted out. Feeling embarrassed as she turned around, and walked back my way.
“Yes?” She said curiously, smiling at me.
“Uh, well, since you’re new and all, I was wondering maybe if you’d want me to show you around the school, maybe after-school?” I said shyly.

“Well, I would love that,” she said smiling. “But could you do me a favour first?” she said smiling.
“Uh, sure.” I said blushing.
“Can you start this tour off, by taking me to my class?” she said laughing.
“Yeah, I can do that,” I said laughing with her. “Oh, I almost forgot to ask you. What is your name?” I said anxiously.
“My name is Tiffany Reis, I’m new here. What about you?” she said turning to me.

“That’s a beautiful name, Tiffany.” I said repeating the name in my head, “Oh, yeah. I’m James, by the way.” I added.
“That’s a cute name. James.” She said giggling, and looking over at me. Then she did something that surprised me, she reached out her hand, and held onto mine, casually. We walked down the empty hall together, hand in hand, and I can tell you, it felt right.

After I few minutes of walking, we reached her class. She stopped before the door, and smiled at me, slowly taking her hand away from mine. She was about to turn, and walk into class, but before she touched the door handle, I grabbed onto her shoulder lightly. She turned around surprised, yet her eyes, told me way much more.

“Tiffany.” I said quietly.
“Yes?” She said quietly, in reply.
“I like you.” I said turning my face away somewhat, afraid of what I’d thought to be an appalled reaction.
“James,” she said grabbing my hand again, “I like you too.”
“Really?” I said, seeming surprised.

“Does this prove it?” she said, leaning in, kissing me on the lips.
Instantly I pulled her close, kissing her back, and gently grabbing her waist. She pulled away after a few moments, and blushed. Her eyes, for a second, lit up with joy, those soothing eyes, looked into mine, for just a second. Just one second, where I felt any sense of love, and care.

“I have to go to class James.” She said after a moment. “Yeah, me too,” I laughed. “Oh, and by the way, I already knew where this class was. This was just my excuse to talk to you.” She said blushing, and smiling slightly, as she turned and opened the door, and walked into the classroom.

I stood there, so surprised, at how quickly this all changed. Yet, I realized, that I really enjoyed this feeling. The name ran throughout my head, as I turned down the hall, and off to class. “Tiffany Reis…” I said silently to myself. I close my eyes, and imagined her again. Her image flashed throughout my mind, her name repeating in my head like a broken record.

“Tiffany Reis.” I said again, stopped outside the door to my class. “I like Tiffany Reis, and she likes me.” I told myself in my head, as I opened the door quietly.

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