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November 6, 2011
Tiffany was lying on the couch next to the window while I was in the kitchen making us some dinner. Movement in the parking lot caught my eye, and I recognized the red car pulling into a spot. I stepped out of the kitchen and walked to the window.
“Umm Tiff, not to sound stalkerish or anything but I’m pretty sure Bostyn just pulled in.”
Tiffany leaped off the couch and scrambled to a place next to me by the window, out of view from the parking lot.
“I can’t wait to finally see this hottie,” Tiffany nudged me and smiled.
As if in a slow motion movie, Bostyn stepped out of his car flawlessly. He looked around the parking lot before reaching in the passenger seat for his backpack. His bright green eyes were hidden behind a pair of aviator sunglasses; he was wearing a simple white V-neck with a pop of color coming from his red vans. I couldn’t help but break into a smile while my stomach soared in butterflies. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Tiffany’s mouth drop. Bostyn swung his backpack on and walked toward his building, disappearing from our view much too soon. The butterflies instantly simmered but my smile stayed. I turned to Tiffany, “So?”
“Bostyn Williams? Of course it’s Bostyn Williams. How many Bostyn’s do I know? Man, I’m an idiot.” Tiffany said to herself.
“Wait, you know him?”
“I know of him. He used to date my old roommate.”
“You’re joking.” I replied
“Why would I be? But dang girl, he is definitely a head turner that’s for sure.”
I sunk onto the couch, “That’s the problem. I get so nervous around him. Silly I know, but I just can’t help it. I’m too afraid of saying something dumb.”
Tiffany sat on the couch next to me and put a hand on my knee, “sweetheart, you are going to miss any chance at all if you don’t speak up soon.” She soothingly said.
“Thanks mom,” I laughed. Tiffany laughed as well and soon Bostyn was forgotten, for a short while.

I walked into work the next morning with a wonderful surprise behind the front counter. There in all his glory was Bostyn, focused on whatever was being displayed on the computer screen in front of him. He looked up at me when he heard the front door bell chime.
“Hey Maycee,” he smiled
My stomach flip flopped as he spoke my name. “Hey Bostyn,” I said. Half thrilled and half confused as to why he was behind the front desk. Bostyn must have caught on to my confusion because he then added “Max said they didn’t need my help washing cars today and you were swamped in here so to help you instead.” He continued to smile.
I smiled back, “Oh that makes sense.” I lamely said. How pathetic I was couldn’t stop running through my mind. I continued my way to the back room to place my things when Max, my boss, snuck up behind me.
“Maycee” He bellowed, making me jump, “It’s slower outside then in here, so I’m going to have Bostyn work upfront with you for a while.” He said before turning to leave. A while as in a couple hours today, or a while as in a couple of days or weeks? I couldn’t help but wonder.
I set my things down and quickly made my way to the front desk, taking the empty seat and computer. Bostyn was busy entering data into the computer when I took my place so I got right to work.
Bostyn and I worked in silence for only five minutes before he sighed and leaned back in his chair.
“I think it’s already time for a break. My eyes hurt from staring at this screen.”
“Break isn’t for another couple of hours at least, sorry.” I smiled to him. Bostyn groaned in response.
“So,” he started, “how come I never see you around our apartment complex? We do live in the same place don’t we?”
“Good question. I guess we just always barely miss each other.” Why did he make me so nervous? I looked up to him and quickly remembered. His movie star looks and charming personality would be a good start as to why.
“I think we should hang out sometime or something. Unless your boyfriend would object, because then that would be understandable.”
I froze for a second. A boyfriend? He thought I had a boyfriend. He obviously didn’t know the bad luck I had when it came to the guy situation.
“Nope, no boyfriend. But won’t your girlfriend mind?” I asked, fishing to know if he was in a relationship. I had tried to convince myself for weeks he was in a relationship. I mean of course he was, was anyone that good looking single? Although I still held on to the teeny bit of hope that he was single.
“No she won’t mind.” He said.
Disappointment flooded my insides, but I tried my hardest not to let it show.
“Oh well that’s good to know.” I said.
Bostyn smiled even bigger, “She won’t mind because I don’t have one.” He teased.
“Well then in that case, we definitely should hang out sometime.” I practically grinned from ear to ear. I’m not sure anything could make my grin wider.
“Great. It’s a date.” Bostyn winked.
A date with Bostyn Williams? What kind of horrible trick was my mind playing on me? What kind of sick dream was this to get such high hopes only to wake up and have them be crushed? This was all too good to be true. I slowly turned slightly away and secretly pinched myself, trying to wake myself up. Guys like Bostyn didn’t ask girls like me out. Let alone even talk to us. I was lucky enough to have him know my name; there was no way I would have more luck than that. I pinched myself over again but jumped from the chime of the front door. It wasn’t a dream? Bostyn truly had just asked me out!
“Sound good?” Bostyn asked before helping the costumer who just walked in.
“Yup. A date it is.” I smiled.

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