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November 3, 2011
By abrouche SILVER, Zaghouan, Other
abrouche SILVER, Zaghouan, Other
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I'm involved with a boy while I'm in love with his brother!!! so ridiculous isn't. i never thought I'll feel this way i was the kind of girls who doesn't believe in love i use to make fun of falling in love and sadness and being in a relationship.but now things are different I'm no longer that girl i have changed he changed me, i could never forget the way he looks at me with his loving eyes and how he supported me in every step of my life he was my friend but then my heart started to feel something else something but friendship,when problems with melek grew my feelings about him changed he lost me when he refused to accept me the way i am he kept trying to change me and make me look like the girl of his dreams and fancies i realised then that i could not love someone who won't love me for who i am i realised that i need a man who understands me,who feels my heart, who makes me fly. i needed him i loved him i always did but never saw it before, i have always loved the friend i had,i love amir... i said to my self, when i finally got to love i loved my boyfriend's brother how great is that but can you blame me. i mean i never meant for this to happened but it did and now i don't know how to fix it. after all love is a disses that we will never be helled of . i kept hiding my feelings inside me for a long time and I'm not sure I'll be able to hide it anymore but I'm afraid to lose my friend I'm afraid to lose him. because he'll never forgive me for braking his brother's heart...what should i do? keep living in h*ll with melek and faking happiness or telling amir the truth no matter what?!!!

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