Wondered If It Was Even Love . .< 3

November 3, 2011
They say you only have one love in life. I totally agree, but there are those who love so easily, that its even hard not to love them back. There free , there beautiful, there confident , they love so more than a human should. You cant help but wonder , when you will feel like that , and who your first love will be.
Angelica was fourteen, never had a boyfriend, never had a kiss , not even on her cheek . She was in high school , she had just transferred schools and was new. She only knew her sister and some of her sisters friends. They were nice to her , but ignored her in the hall ways , even her sister. She was very shy and self-conscious about her body, even thought she was in perfect shape. She never considered herself pretty . She had dark brown hair, a oval shaped head , cute glasses , a cute little nose , big eyes where you could see her eyelashes flare . The first week of school was fine, met a couple of new friends, and some people she knew didn't like her, and she didn't like them. Cindy, was her lunch buddy. They had lunch everyday together , them and Jessica, Latoya , and Jasmine . They never fit in , but they always had a good time together. Angelica thought a guy in her Algebra class was cute, Samuel . He was taller than her, tan and a Mohawk .
Every class she had was good, had friends in each class, and she loved her Algebra class.
" Hey ," Samuel approached her with a cute boyish smirk on his face.
"What's Up?" Angelica replied , with a big smile where you could see the red on her cheeks of all her blushing.
The conversation had continued the whole hour , Samuel had asked Angelica for her phone number, and without a doubt did Angelica gave it to him. They talked and texted all the time. They became inseparable , finally after 7 weeks of this process , Samuel popped the big question.
" Hey. Can i Ask You A Question???" , Angelica read on a text message she received during school.
" Sure, what is it ?[:" she replied
"Wondering if you wanted to be my girlfriend ? maybe? yes?"
" can i think about it ? "
" yea meet me after class in the back of the school?"
She closed her phone and without a doubt did she know her answer. The Bell Rang 20 minutes later , Angelica and her friend she had gotten very close with, Jocy rushed to the back of the school to meet Samuel . He was right there, wearing a football jacket , waiting.
" Hey, . . did you think about it ?" Samuel asked , very nervously .
" I'll leave y'all too alone , i don't wanna be late to class ." Jocy sarcastically announced, skipping away , waiting behind a bush to see what would happen next .
" Yes." Angelica Said ,
" Yes , like yes? or yes , like yes i thought about it ?" Samuel asked confused.
" Both, " Angelica smiled
He quickly pick her up and hugged her tightly. He walked her to class, and then he hesitated to kiss her, but she rushed on it , and grabbed his neck slowly and kissed him. It was that perfect moment every girl dreamed about, nothing ruined it.
They were going out for 6 weeks more after that kiss, everything was perfect they never had fights, or arguments, there love was unexplainable .
One day, he had finally told her that he loved her, immediately she remember entering school and seeing all the couples , holding hands and kissing, and now she was one of them! She lately responded , and after that they kissed a kissed that seems that it had a perfect time, and as if no one was around. He walked her to class , and picked her up and took her to her next . He picked he up for lunch, and took her to there usual seats with there friends, Samuel excused himself from the table , and kissed her cheek as he did. Lunch ended and Samuel hadn't come back, she couldn't be late to class so, she went ahead and thought he might pass by her classroom, and when she walked out the lunchroom, there was was behind a vending machine, with jocy, kissing.

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