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November 2, 2011
By PayPay22 BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
PayPay22 BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
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When I saw you, you were my life and I wanted to stop looking right then and there. When I saw you, you looked at me for a while. Then, a little girl pulled and tugged you to go in front of this store to buy a chocolate bar. I went home that day thinking about you and only you. When I found out that you were my dad's best friend, you came here to me to help my dad with everything. You were then in prison and so I helped your dad fight Cancer. I helped him get to bed early, and wake up early I made him food He is a survivor of Cancer. I helped your dad because you helped mine and I was madly in love with you but you didn't know. On my 18th birthday, you bought me a heart necklaces. It instantly became my prize possession. I hugged you the minute I saw you with me necklace. On Halloween, we both dressed up as nerds and got many bags of candy. I gave most of it to you because I only wanted some of It. On Thanksgiving, we enjoyed a big turkey stuffed with stuffing. You helped me make it, and kept the house fro burning down. On Christmas Eve, I bought you the dog you've wanted since you were a kid. I wrote a letter containing how much I loved you, and attached it to the blue collar that belonged to the dog, and attached the collar to the dog. I headed home that day. But I didn't make it home. The last thing I saw was a pair of headlights. Then I was watching you. The next day, On Christmas Day, You were in the graveyard. You were holding the dog that I bought you. You held the letter I wrote you, fell to your knees and said, "I loved you too. I'll always love you." I stood by your side everyday. My white wings protecting us from evil. Years passed and then you died. We met again, and we watched our families get old and live happily. When you were by my side, I said, "I love you."

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