Under the Stars

November 1, 2011
By Amber Boddy BRONZE, Flanagan, Illinois
Amber Boddy BRONZE, Flanagan, Illinois
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We sit under the night sky gazing up at the stars. We are a rare couple. A couple that could spend the rest of our lives together and never get sick of each other, not even once. When he leaves i feel like I'm missing a part of me. My heart breaks a little more every minute were apart from each other. I wake up in the morning and all i can think about is him, but laying there right beside me is the truth. It was just a dream, because he died three years ago.

The author's comments:
This did not happen to me but i what i want to get across to people is that when you lose someone you love very much (family, spouse, boyfriend, girlfried, ect.) it's hard to forget them. You can dream about them every night and when you wake up you realize that nothings changed and that they're not coming back. I want people to realize just how hard reality is to face sometimes.

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