Dear Charlie,

October 29, 2011
By Anonymous

I close my eyes and I go there.
To that day when we were happy, it wasn't all that long ago. Remember?

It was around the start of summer, and we were in love. You held my hand as we ran through the pouring rain. That was the you got down on one knee, and asked me to prom. I knew I had made my mother proud, to have someone as caring as you,Charlie.
Prom came faster than we knew was possible. You said that you never laid your eyes on anything as beautiful,as I was that night. Both of or momma's cried, and so did I. You blew me away, my fairytale prince charming. Your stormy blue eyes mesmerised me, and you saw right through me.
Then the dark days emerged. I got pregnant. You didn't want to believe me. Everything I ever cared for was slipping right through my small hands. I lost you and our baby on the same day. I will forever remember that day. Charlie, you left Baby and I. We were doing great? Then out of the blue you didn't want us anymore. If I hadn't have been crying, I would have able to see. I wouldn't have fallen down the stairs.
Maybe it was gods way of telling me that fairytale stories don't really exsist. Or maybe Baby knew you didn't want us. All I know is that I go back to that dreadful day, millions of times a day. I hope you do too, I hope you think of us Charlie.


The author's comments:
Bits and pieces of this story are inspired by things that happened to someone I know. I hope you enjoy.

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