Fallen Angel

October 28, 2011
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Running along the trail of woods. Full of life. Tree’s surrounding me and wind against my face. No rules were in the woods to me. All I could think of was. Him….
“What am I doing??” she mumbles out. She had stopped running and took a break. Her mind kept thinking about that strange boy...
“Was he even human?” she thought. “Quit it” he brain told her. She couldn’t stop thinking of that boy that had transferred to her school, his dark brown hair that was to the tip on his eye, he was tall too but young. Pale but a little tan, and his golden brown eye’s that had catch everyone’s eye toward him. Only girls though, the guy had hated him but only a few did.
The thoughts of him made her dizzy but put on a smile though. Was she happy to see him? Or just falling for him? So many questions were stuck in her head.
“Ignore him!” her brain had said. Her heart wanted to be near him but her mind just said no. she didn’t understand. Not one bit what her mind was trying to put together. She just ignored it. She had school tomorrow though.. She thought
She ran back to the opposite side where she was heading too but now it was getting dark she had to return home. She didn’t have a choice anyways. Her parents were strict and mean. She had one younger sister and an older brother.
She had nothing in common with her sister but more of her brother. She liked to follow around him and defended him as well but her brother defended her the most when drama tried biting her on her rear. She had tan skin that most girls dreamed of having and baby blue eye’s that had should of turned brown but hadn’t. Her light brown hair that looked like silky string but it was thick too. Her hair only went to her shoulders. She was tall but not that tall. She was shy and never did like speaking up loud in front of the class. A lot of boys liked her but she never liked them back. Until that boy came to her school. He had caught her eye and heart. He had smiled at her when he was walking down the hall and seems to ignore the other girls that tried flirting with him. She was ready to speak to him. Tomorrow was her chance!
Sneaking in the backdoor she tip toed upstairs trying to be quit as a mouse.
“Nicole!” someone shouted. She jumped. “Yes..?” she mumbled
Her brother had caught her again the third time. “Do you know what time it is? Good thing I caught you before mom and dad had you know what they would have done? Right?” he said with a rough tone.
“Am sorry, brad” she mumbled. “She didn’t mean to worry anyone”... she thought
“I was worried…” he said. He walked over to Nicole and patted her back softly. “Go take a shower and its bed time. Ok?” he said nicely and smiled at her. She smiled back and ran to the bathroom.
Nicole took a quick shower and changed too. She had gone straight to her bedroom.
“Time to sleep…” she thought and fell into to a deep sleep.

Morning. Waking up was pretty hard but she had to by force. Her brother kept yelling on her name. “Nicole, HURRY UP!” brad yelled from down stairs. She ignored him and dressed up and quickly brushed her hair. She went to the bathroom and brushed her teeth and ran down the stairs. Brad stood at the door waiting. She swooped her book bag from the hanger and went outside .Nicole was only 13 and she was a freshman this year and brad could drive and she couldn’t which she thought was unfair. Brad and Nicole stepped in the Truck. They sat in silence and Brad turned on the truck and stepped on the peddle. Driving to the school was easy as pie to her but not brad. “Have fun at school” he said nicely. She nodded and stepped out of the car. Walking up the stairs into the school building she looked shy at the moment. “I made it! In time too” she thought. She smiled and walked by the front desk. -Ding ding- the tardy bell had ringed. Nicole sighed. She was tardy now. “Your now late, Nicole. Sign in” the desk lady said. She smiled in a wicked way. She was happy to see Nicole Tardy for the third time. Nicole walked back to the desk and signed in and went straight to her first class.
Math was her first class and she had to knock on the door. She waited and the door popped open “hello Nicole, tardy again, huh?” the math teacher said. “I tried” she said and walked in. Every eye was on her; she ignored and walked to her seat. Then she looked that the new boy was sitting behind her seat. She gulped. “He’s in this class?!?” she thought. She walked up to her seat and stared at the boy. He smiled. She sat down and laid her head down. She felt a little dizzy now. “Was he even in this class yesterday?” she thought. She turned around and faced him. She began to blush “hi, so your new here, huh?” she asked and tried to keep her cool. He nodded and smiled “yeah, am new here. What about you?” he whispered Nicole looked at his eyes. They were perfect and beautiful she thought. “oh. No am not new here” she whispered. They had to whisper or they would have gotten in trouble for talking in class “nice, maybe you could show me around. My name is Raz” he said. Nicole blinked, she had never heard a name like that before. “wow, I never heard of that name before. Sounds cool” she said. Raz laughed. “its just special that’s all” he said and smiled. He looked at Nicole straight in the eyes and looked right at her lips. She started to blush or was she imagining it. “NICOLE and Raz!” the math teacher growled out. She turned around “ yes?” she mumbled “office you two” he said. Nicole stood up and grabbed her things. “its my fault. Ill go to the office” she said and walked out the door. She got in trouble again in one day. she was in trouble now by brad..
Walking down the silent hallways of her high school was normal for her. The school was a strict, the teachers were joking clowns that loved there students and gave them a second chance to bring up there grades. She loved her math teacher. Why? Well he gave her a chance to stay in class without giving her a stare to return back to the office. She sat at the office and sighed. Second class was close so she could leave the office since the front desk lady hated her. “haha, Nicole got in trouble once again, how am I not surprised?” she teased. Nicole looked straight at her “you look so older these days “ she talked back. Nicole laughed and laughed. The desk lady looked away and began to work again without talking to her. Minutes pasted by and finally the bell had ranged and she rushed down the halls to her second class. Relieved and happy she sat down in her second class. High school was a hard place to be without being tardy.
People came in and sat and chatted with there friends. She didn’t have many friends at all.. only just two or three? She would have more but she was too shy to speak and talk to them. The thought she remembered.. She was supposed to help Raz around the school meaning.. he was wondering around for her! She got up from her seat and ran out of the class. The bell hadn’t rang yet so she had time to find him “raz?!” she shouted. She turned to a corner and found Raz at his locker. He looked straight at her “hey!” he said. She smiled and walked up to him “you know what class your going next?” she asked. Raz looked at his paper that had his classes. “eh… not really” he said. She looked at his paper. “what the..” she mumbled. He had all classes with her “you mostly .. oh well have all of my classes” she said. She looked up at Raz, he smiled and his cheeks were blushing pink “that’s Great” he mumbled. She blushed too but walked back to class “lets go” she said. They both walked slowly to his class. “so.. you dating anybody?” he asked shyly. She bit her lip and smiled “not really” she said. “and you?” she asked. Raz smiled “nope. But your really pretty than all the rest” he admitted. Nicole Blushed “R-really?” she mumble. She couldn’t help to mumble. She was blushing and she kept on being shy, she was tired of being shy she wanted to express to people. Raz bumped in to her “yep” he smiled. She walked in and Raz into the class and sat. she sat on the other side of the class while Raz had to sit where all the other girls were. She was a bit jealous.
“Welcome to ART!” the art teacher said and greeted Raz. “you will have a blast here, you will draw how you feel, express, and make things come alive” she said and twirled around. “we are going to draw today. Roses or whatever you want.. since there’s a new student here” she said and handed everyone a white piece of paper. Nicole brought out her pencil and was ready to sketch. She loved art but wasn’t a good drawer. Raz stared at Nicole and ignored the girls who were trying to flirt with him. “ hey Raz” one girl said and scooted next to him. He looked at her in a dull face “what?” she smiled and blinked her eyes, Nicole wanted to punch her in the face. “Do you want to… go out with me?” she said and smiled. Raz Blinked, Nicole got up and went to the door and grabbed the hall pass and slammed the door.
She was mad, jealous, and nervous. “I lost..” she said and walked slowly. She felt like her heart dropped or died. It pumped slowly and her hands were in fists. She liked Raz. He was perfect and he seemed nice. She didn’t want to lose him, he was different from the rest of the guys, he seemed unhuman.. Nicole thought over and over. Maybe she was just over reacting. She could find someone else! She thought. She smiled. And walked to the restroom.
She fixed her hair and looked in the mirror. She looked alright. “was it a big deal? To be jealous over… him!” she thought. So many things. “I am going to ignore this” she mumbled and She sighed, walking slowly back to art class. Walking back in was silent. “its not fair…” the girl cried out. She grabbed the hall pass out of Nicole hand and ran out crying. Nicole looked. It was that girl who asked Raz out. He looked pale and looked straight at Nicole. His fingers in his hair. He looked frustrated. Nicole looked away and sat at her desk. “what happen?” she thought. She began to sketch of a heart of wings. She sketched and smiled. “pssh!” someone said in front of her. She looked up. A boy was in front of her. “that guy wants you.” She said. She looked it was Raz. He grabbed his paper and showed it to her. Raz drew her and him. He had wings like an angel and wrapped it around Nicole. Nicole blushed. “put that down!” she lip talked. Raz shook his head. “until you forgive me” he lip talked back. She looked away. The art teacher got up from her desk and walked around “ok ok! I forgive you Raz” she lip talked. He smiled and hid the paper. The art teacher stood beside Nicole. “draw, Nicole” she said and walked away. She sighed and gave a dull face to Raz. He laughed. “He was enjoying this” she thought.
It was almost time to go and head to third class. She packed up her stuff and sat quietly. Raz stared into her eyes and kept on smiling. She looked away. Trying to ignore him.
“Nicole…” her mind said. She jumped and looked to her sides. She heard someone. She looked to her right and the girl was trying. She looked at her left and the guy stared at her “did you- whisper me?” she asked. The boy shook his head. She looked at Raz. He looked away. . That scared her and her skin trembled too. “What was that?” she thought. –Ding ding-
Lunch time. Walking in line and getting a tray of food, The food here at school was okay to eat, she hated the lunch ladies that serves them the food. Nicole walked to a table her friends were sitting at. “Hey Nicole” Brit said whiling patting the seat next to her. “Hey” she said. Madison and Violet talked and ignored Nicole. They were probably mad. She scooped up some rice and brought it to her mouth and eating.
“Hey can I sit here?” a firmly voice said. Brit mouth dropped open and so did Madison and violet. Nicole turned around and saw Raz. He smiled mostly at Nicole. “Well can I or not?” he said. Nicole nodded and he sat next to her. She looked away from Raz and Brit gave her a stare. Brit eye brows went up and down. She was teasing Nicole now. Nicole rolled her eyes “well this is quite” he said. Nicole coughed. “Uh... this is Raz” Nicole introduced him to his friends. Raz laughed. She growled.
“It’s an honor to meet you” Madison said and gave him a wink. Nicole eye rolled. She was flirting. Violet started to twirl her hair with her finger “hey” she said with a cool voice. Brit gave out a hand to Raz “nice to meet yeah” she said. She wasn’t flirting. She knew Brit would never do that to her. Since they were Best friends. “Nice to meet you guys too.” Raz said and ate his taco. Nicole focused on her taco and picked it up and took a big bite. She was hungry. Raz squirted hot sauce on Nicole Taco “taste it” he said. Nicole gave him an eye. And took a bite. It tasted pretty good. But her eyes started to water. “Its hot” she mumbled and started to gulp down her milk without stopping. Raz grinned and got up and went to the cashier to get more milk for Nicole. Brit bumped into her by shoulder. “Nice, he’s cute” she said. Nicole stared at her. Brit frowned “sorry” “she won’t even be able to go on a date with him. He isn’t your type Nicole” Violet said. She stared at Raz. She was a flirter and a wh*re. Madison giggled “give it up, Nicole” she said in agreement with Violet. “Leave!” Brit shouted. She never liked those people anyways. They stood and took their trays and went to a different table. Raz walking back now smiling at her. Nicole frowned. Was he not his type? Did she even have a type for guys? Thoughts became questions. She was confused. “Hey Raz, sit with us!” violet shouted to him. Raz looked at her, “I don’t go out with Wh*re’s or Sl*ts” he shouted. People bursted out laughing at Madison and violet. There face turned red and left the cafeteria. Raz huffed and walked back. “You ok?” he asked Nicole and place down the milk to her. Nicole felt depressed. Maybe I might lose him.. I really do like him... she thought. She wasn’t his type. Am I no one’s type? It seems to be. She kept on thinking
“Nicole. please Smile?” Raz said and touched her cheek. She blushed and jumped. “You touch my cheek...” she mumbled. Brit smiled and took her tray to the dump leaving Nicole and Raz. “I really like you Nicole, your funny and you’re different. I like you because you’re different. Your nice, sweet and you have a lot of kindness” he said. He stared at her lips again. “What were his problems with her lips?” she thought. “Something wrong with my lips?” she asked. Raz shooked his head “no there just... Perfect” he said. Nicole blushed more and put her head down “liar” she said. Raz laid a hand on her shoulder “you think I would lie to you?” he said. She nodded. He leaned in, she felt his husky breathes on her neck “if I was lying than why do I want to kiss you so badly than?” he whispered and pulled back. Nicole stood up quickly. “y-your kidding?!” she said almost in a shout. Raz stood and walked up close to her “am hitting on you and I love to flirt with you. You should flirt back, at least you can tell me... your interested in me” he said. People started at Raz and Nicole. Too much stress by all the people staring. Her cheeks were blushing more and she felt dizzy too. “I-I don’t know” she said and walked back. Raz stepped up “I like you” he said out loud. People stared to whisper “I love you!” he shouted and stepped up, Nicole stepped back and kept on going. “Raz keep it down” she whispered. “Am madly in love with you Nicole!” he shouted and blushes. Nicole backed up and hit the wall. “Oh cr**” she thought. “I love you, Nicole” her mind said. The voice sounded like… Raz. She stared at him. Face to Face. “How did you…” she said. Raz smiled “am not human. Even though you might not believe it but one thing I won’t lie is… Am in love with you” he said and leaned in and kissed Nicole on the lips. She felt even dizzier now. She felt warm with the kisses and she closed her eyes. She had never kissed a boy in her life before. She wrapped her arms around his neck and he smiled with every kiss he gave her. He pulled back. “Enjoyed it?” he said. Nicole nodded and leaned in and kissed him again. That feeling went through her and she smiled. Her stomach dropped and closed her eyes. “Wings?” she thought. She shook her head. She pulled back and looked straight at him in the eyes “you’re an angel…” she mumbled in completely shock. Raz smiled and grinned “to be correct am a fallen angel. I came here to be with you, Nicole” Raz said.
To be continued ..

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