Hello & Good-bye

November 1, 2011
By V.N.A7 BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
V.N.A7 BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover.

I breath in a deep breath with goose bumps running down my neck to my arm, as he placed his hand against my cheek. He whispered to me that he loved me and he wouldn't let no one hurt me. I felt my heart beating and the goose bumps spreading though out my whole body. For once I felt happy.
I felt at peace for now I knew I wasn't going to be gone without a best friend or lover. He was like a man I never met. He was a caring person who never forced me to do anything I want.
Its a year later, and i'm in the worst pain in my life. He is gone, there is no more Osvaldo. He will never come back to me! He is now seeing the angle and wonderful roads of gold. He see's his mother again, and watches over me.

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