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November 1, 2011
By Anonymous

In a nice afternoon in Rome, Isabel fell in love. Why did she fall in love? She fell in love because she saw the most beautiful man in the whole city. The man was tall, handsome, RICH (he had a winery), brown hair and blue eyes. He was perfect for Isabel. That night she went to his house secretly and stayed staring at him. He woke up shouting loudly. Therefore, his dad also woke up and saw both of them together. Their families hated each other, so she couldn’t love him. She went everyday secretly to his house and gave him a kiss. After a month the man, Frederick started to love her.
Now that they loved each other they wanted to get married. They wanted their wedding to be on a tall mountain, just Isabel, Frederick and the master. It would be perfect. Their wishes will all come true. One day, they finally escaped and went with the master to the nearest mountain. They got married and then escaped to Greece to start a new life. When they got to their new home someone was waiting for them…
Right in the middle of the room were two old men standing (both of their fathers). Each men took their son/daughter home. They grounded their son/daughter and locked them each in an empty room. Frederick and Isabel spent three years locked up and finally were able to get out. Frederick escaped from his house and went to Isabel’s house. They again tried to escape and made it to the south of Greece. There they had three kids and thought they would live happily ever after.
After a few months their parents caught them. They took them home and sat them down with both families. They made them decide between life without his/her partner or death. Surprisingly for their parents and siblings, they both decided to die. The families did not want to kill them so they locked them each in a smaller room this time. They were never able to get out until death. They did not live happily ever after.

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