Gypsies, Hallways, Boys and Me

November 2, 2011
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My town was being destroyed. Fire burned from every building and sent smoldering puffs of smoke into the cloudless sky. The cries from the open mouths of the townspeople pierced my ears and I desperately wished that I could run away. I felt alone and terrified as the massive beast rose above me. Its wings were so large, casting shadows onto the ground. Pure anger was reflected in its massive bloodshot eyes. Large talons jetted out from the small arms connected to this beast’s scaled body. It tramped around and fire escaped his mouth in a constant flame, destroying houses and families and farms in the blink of an eye. Tears streamed down my face and I made one more attempt to free myself from the rope. I had been tied up by Lord DeMault, for a crime I did not commit. The ropes scratched my wrists and I made a perilous effort to break free. Heat emerged from behind me as a fire grasped a hold of the post. Sweat dripped down my face and I began to scream. This was the end, I was convinced. The ground shook as the dragon made its way behind me. It roared with triumph. Suddenly, a new sound marked a great relief in my struggles. The thunderous beating of hoofs foreshadowed the great steed that was coming to save me. Soon enough I saw it. A tall man sat proudly upon the gallant horse that waved his tail in the air. Neither man nor beast revealed any hints of fear or concern. The valiant knight’s certainty and fierce courage relaxed me; he lifted his helmet and placed it between his arms, shaking his long dark hair to the wind. Quickly, he dismounted the horse. With a single swoop of his muscular arms he unleashed a mighty sword and cut me free, just as the fire began to lick at my ankles. I fell to the ground and then looked up as he began to extend his arm in further assistance. I placed my hand in his and he helped me up. “You must leave Miss, for it is not safe here.” He said. His voice captivated me and I bowed courteously. “Thankyou kind sir, but… will I ever see you again?” I asked in a trembling voice as shaky as the ground we stood on. He smiled. “I live in the Sunstone Desert.” He stated. “But I must go, goodbye my fair lady. It was a pleasure as great as the ocean itself to have laid eyes upon you and help you in some way. I only wish I could stay longer, but… alas, I cannot. Besides, any length of time that is not eternity would be too little time with you, my dear.” He kissed my hand and my face grew red. I watched him leave in the direction opposite mine and then departed myself, only wishing to chase after him.
I slammed the door to my locker shut and practically skipped to class. What you just heard wasn’t totally untrue. I had been trapped, well, my locker was. I did fall down, pushed by a fire breathing dragon that goes by the alias of Missy Saunders, the biggest… dragon (for lack of a better, more violent word) in the school. And a knight did help me, as far as I was concerned. He was very charming… though his words didn’t come out exactly how I had portrayed them in my mind. I wasn’t so put together either. I mostly just stared and gawked and mumbled a thank you. There was something special about him though. I wished I knew what. “I hope I will see you around, we need a few more pretty faces brightening these dirty hallways,” The words resonated inside my head like the sweetest song I had ever heard in my entire life. I drifted away down the hallway, feeling quite princess like.
As the day went on I convinced myself that he liked me. I knew that we had something special. I wanted there to be something special. No one had ever made me feel the way that he did; it was crazy. Only a few sentences had been exchanged and already I feel as if I have known him my entire life. Love at first sight! Every fairytale I had ever read came to mind. I imagined him again, his perfect hair and smile, his words, his shining armor. My fantasy played back again in my mind and I giggled in spite of myself. I needed to talk to him again, to make sure my mind wasn’t playing tricks on me like it normally does. I strode out of 5th period cool, calm and collected. I spotted his cute little head hobbling over the rest of the other freshman boys and I made my way in his direction. Suddenly someone cut in front of me.
I awoke the next morning feeling sore, mentally and physically. The knight’s gleaming face had kept me awake the entire night. I had come to a conclusion that I must find this man, for he is surely my true love. I trekked across the plane lands all day in order to find his kingdom, my feet were sore and my throat thirsted for water. My stomach screamed for food but I pursued on. Finally I found his city, and as if right on cue, as I walked through the gates, there he was in the busy market place. He stood out to me like a diamond in the ruff. So shining, so perfect in every way. We must be together, for it was destiny. I made my way towards him when suddenly 6 street performs emerged from an alley way only to put my quest on pause for a moment. Their shiny costumes illuminated the dirty streets; the flowing skirts flew around their legs in a dreamy fashion and captivated all who watched, including the knight. Their faces were concealed by colorful wraps, but you could tell they were beautiful. All the men within watching distance were in awe; and the woman jealous. They swiveled around gracefully, dominating the streets. Soon they faded into the crowd and a single dancer remained. She made an impressive leap into the air and began to stage a very elaborate show. Suddenly her dress caught on the cart of a nearby merchant and she fell. The knight ran to her rescue. He bent down to take her hand. I watched in horror. He helped her up, just as he had done to me, and quoted the same lines as if read from a script prepared months in advance. She spoke first, “Thank you, I am so sorry! If it had not been for that wretched cart--” “Shhh!” He placed a single finger over her lips. ” It was a pleasure as great as the ocean itself to have laid eyes upon you and help you in some way. I only wish I could stay longer, but… alas, I cannot. Besides, any length of time that is not eternity would be too little time with you, my dear.” It was funny how those same words that made my heart sing the day before now practically killed my soul. The crowd ate it up, cooing as he hugged her and she turned to face me. My face obviously looked petrified because she winked at me in an evil way; her eyes turned cold and barren.They were red and firey, like those of a dragons. That’s when I understood. She was the dragon! I winced. Those desolate eyes, they told me to stay away, to back off, give up. And just like that, he let go. Her eyes returned to normal. The innocence they portrayed before appeared and she thanked him again before he kissed her hand and walked away.
After witnessing the events before me I stood in the hallway feeling as used as a dirty tissue. That’s all I was, just another damsel in distress, another ‘pretty face in the hall’. He was a player, and a tease- a cruel, cruel tease. Waving his wand and casting his spells! He appeared, now, more like a wizard in a fairy tale, than a knight. I felt like crying. My knight was only a wizard! An old, hunched back frizzy haired cockeyed wizard! Except, a part of me still wanted him to be that knight. I wanted to believe that I was the only exception. I wanted to have him speak to me again and hear the sweet sounds of the words that graced my heart. A part of me didn’t really care if he liked her too. But, there she was a flashy street performer, a dragon, a gypsy. Unlike me, who took on the role of a peasant, a prisoner, a nerd. How could I be so foolish as to think that our exchange yesterday had meant anything at all to him? I am sure he has said that line a million times to a million girls and I was naïve enough to think that he had actually made that up all for me. Why would I ever think I had a shot against someone like Missy? There wasn’t a fighting chance. In bitter frustration I shut the door to my locker and strutted through the desert before me that was my school. It was full of knights, dragons, gypsies and wizards. And who was I, but a lonely peasant. A peasant, whose heart fell for the devious ways of a knight in shining armor. I turned the corner to head down the stairs and thought to myself in frustration; Why can’t they teach us about boys in school? 8th period Spanish would be of no aid to me in situations like those. A class on boys would prove to be much more helpful.

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