Why it rains

October 23, 2011
By Kristy Percario BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
Kristy Percario BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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Hundreds of years ago, when gods roamed the earth and humans were just starting to appear it was always sunny and plants thrived without a single drop of water. The people drank juices from fruit and the animals grazed on the moist grass to keep hydrated. The god who controlled the plants on earth stayed up in the clouds where the gods originated. He knew that if he went down to earth something horrible would happen. All the other gods teased him because of his emotional ways and superstitions but he knew when he had this feeling it was usually right.
One day the gods decided to have a feast with the new humans they created and the god of the plants was invited. At first he refused but the gods told him it would only be a short while and that nothing could happen to them, as they were gods and immortal. He reluctantly agreed and got ready to visit the planet he had been hiding from.

As the gods got to the beautiful pasture that the feast would be held at, the smells of freshly made food and fruits filled the air. The gods sat to one side of the table and the humans on the other. There were only twenty beings there in total. The god of the plants sat down and

waited impatiently for the humans to arrive and for the party to be over. He sat with his head low and he didn’t talk much until one human arrived. She walked to the table with her golden hair bouncing and a shy, almost scared look on her face. The plant god fell in love immediately and when her eyes met his she felt the same.
Soon after the party the plant god met with the girl in the forest far from any of the other gods. They talked for hours and she said that she wasn’t accepted in the town of humans because she was so different. Unlike any of the humans she had golden hair and ice blue eyes, the others had brown hair and brown eyes so they shunned her for being so different. The plant god decided he would make her life as good as one of the gods and he knew she deserved that so he built her a beautiful house made of hundreds of trees wrapping in all directions and called upon a cloth maker in the sky to weave the finest clothes for her. He kept all of this a secret from the other gods though, because he knew if they found out he could never see her again.
Months passed and the god and human kept seeing each other. He swore to her that one day they could be together and promised no one would know, but one of the gods suspected something. The god of the animals was in love with the god of the plants and knew something was going on so she sent a sneaky fox to follow the plant god around. Once the fox saw the house and the human girl it reported right back to the animal god. She was filled with a jealous rage and told the other gods about this deceptive act.

The gods called a meeting and the plant god was summoned. They told him they knew what was going on and he had two options. He could ether be turned into a plant himself and return to earth where he would live miserably for eternity, or the girl would be killed. The plant
God instinctively chose to be turned into a plant but the animal god would not have that. She said that if the plant god married her the girl could live and he could stay there, but he could never see his love again. He went with the animal gods’ suggestion so that he could watch his love be happy even if he couldn’t be with her.
After the wedding the plant god became so depressed that all of the plants withered and became dry. His new wife screamed at him because her animals were dying and he became more and more sad watching the girl look and wait for him. He began to cry and he cried so hard that all of the land on earth was covered in his tears. The plants again flourished and the animals and people found a new drink. Everyone was happy with the outcome except the girl and the plant god.
Now, every time the plant god thinks of his human love it rains all over the earth and the tears supply life for the plants that once kept the human girl safe from the cold and as comfortable as a god. It continues to rain because the gods are immortal and even though the girl has been dead for many years the plant god still loves her and weeps every so often for his loss.

The author's comments:
Little story I wrote for my English class and thought I would post it =)

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