October 22, 2011
By Broken-Silence SILVER, N/A, New York
Broken-Silence SILVER, N/A, New York
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I was walking down the hall when i saw him. my eyes just opened wide and i looked right at him. he looked back and said hi do u know where the library is. at that very moment i knew he was the one. i wanted to be with him forever. i answered him quickly and he said thanks and told me his name. i replied by saying my name.
i knew that he was the one i wanted. he just lightened up my day. i started getting closer to him and we became best friends. it felt weird at times but it was better than being strangers. i loved him so much. i never dared to tell him because it might have ruined our friendship. but i couldn't stay lie this..... madly in love with yet we are just friends. so i decided to tell him.
i told him and he was surprised at first but said that he also like me more than a friend. i was so happy. that day he asked me out and i said yes, everything was going wonderful until..... a new girl cam to our school and she was in the same class as him. they started talking and became very close. i was getting worried because it seemed like she like him and he liked her back, but he was with me so it cant be.
i was walking in the hall and there i saw them in the corner kissing i felt so heart broken and betrayed. i decided to get some revenge. they didn't notice me so i passed by them and took a picture. then i printed lots of copies of the picture and i hung them up all over the school and put the hoar and the cheater... what a perfect match. they came to school and saw it they were so embarrassed and felt bad for what they didn they knew it was wrong. so he came up to me said I'm sorry i said i don't accept your apology. he said fine but I'm just making sure u know i said sorry.
we broke up and never talked to each other again. eventually him and the hoar got together and me and someone else did too. we were all friends now and the past was in the past or so i thought.
i went to school the next day and found flyer's of me and my boyfriend kissing and the poster said no hard feelings but it's called revenge. i felt so embarrassed but didn't care cause i had done it to them before also.... so they were getting some revenge on me.
we all forgave each other and moved on with our lives

The author's comments:
its a stupid story that i wrote out of nowhere
i just started writing and this what i wrote

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on Nov. 16 2011 at 1:32 pm
Broken-Silence SILVER, N/A, New York
8 articles 0 photos 6 comments

hey im the writer of this story can u guys comment and give me ideas of what i should write another story on

thanks u would really be helping me


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