Leaving You pt 1

October 21, 2011
“It’s 3 am, and I must be lonely…”
Matchbox 20 is blaring from the speakers as I play flag football with my brother and his friends. Emily watches from the sidelines, not wanting to get dirty. She has a date with Miller later. “Go long!” My brother Ben screams at me, and I run as hard as I can, knowing Zach is hot on my heels. I catch the ball, but as soon as my feet hit the turf, Zach’s long, hard body tackles me. I scream, right before I feel someone else land on top of Zach. It’s probably Ben. I roll out from under them, and take off running for the in zone. I see Emily waving franticly from the sidelines, a strange look on her face, but I’m too focused on the goal to wonder what’s was going on. I was still a few yard from a touchdown, so I put on a blast of speed, and barely made it before Ben tackles me in celebration. I stood up and did a victory dance, a mix of the Party House Shuffle and the Chicken Dance. Midway through, I see him. Cody. The one boy I had ever, ever wanted more with…more than football, more than watching the game. He had taken her over me, and had told me nothing. Then He’d left, leaving me with a wound that hadn’t healed. I turned and walking towards the house, ignoring the shouts of the boys, and Emily. I felt someone behind me. “leave me alone” I snap. Whoever it is puts his hand on my shoulder. I turn around. It’s Zach, and he smiles down at me. “Sorry about tackling you.” I look over his shoulder. Cody’s talking to my brother. Zach follows my gaze.
“He’s not worth it you know. He’s a jack*ss. I still can’t believe he did that to you…”
“What? Who told you? How do you know?”
“The dip told all of us…right after it happened. I’m sorry”
I looked up into his eyes. He really was sorry. I smiled at him. “Thanks.”
“um, Lilly, are you busy tonight?”
I shook my head.
“Well, do you, um, maybe, would you want to, um…” He trailed off,
“Yeah, I would”
I nodded.
He grinned.
“Cool, I’ll pick you up at seven, kay?”
I nodded again, and he hugged me, and headed for his truck.
“Hey, Zach?”
“Yeah” He said, turning
He grinned and saluted me.
I walked back over to the boys.
“Hey” Cody said.
“Hello” I said, and then turned to my brother.
“Ben? Can I use your phone? Mine’s dead.”
He handed me his phone. I flipped it open, and called my friend Layla.
“Hey” She said.
“hey, I need you fashion help. I’ve got a date with Zach. Can you come over?”
“Yeah!! I’ll be there in 10 minutes”
She hung up.
I handed the phone back to Ben. The guys were all staring at me, with their mouths open.
“Zach finally asked you out?” Ben asked me.
I nodded. He grinned. “Zach’s had the hots for you for the last year…about time.”
I grinned at him, and batted my eyelashes at Cody. “Seems like someone wants to go out with me” I said, and walked towards my brothers truck . “Hey Ben, lets go, I don’t wanna be late.”
I slid into the drivers seat. I started the truck, and rolled down the window. “Get a ride!” I yelled at Ben. I spun out, and sped home.

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