everlasting or neverbegining

October 20, 2011
Sleeping soundly he can’t feel me move slowly off the bed and towards the bathroom. The danger of be caught wasn’t high but it wasn’t necessarily safe for us. However, he was worth any risk I would ever have to make. I knew he loved me, so it’s ok right?
I quietly crept back into the room and crawled back into his arms. Now was my time to think about him, myself, our relationship. First of all he was always warm, and comforting. Second, he could chase away every fear I’ve ever had with just one smile or smirk. Third, I loved him very much but never cared to tell him.
I soon realized I couldn’t tell him how I feel because I was still waiting to understand it. I had never felt love before, a feeling so great yet that can make you so ill. He was so perfect, or at least the allusion of him in my mind was. I never wanted to leave that bed ever.
All this thinking was giving me anxiety so I began to move in his arms. He suddenly spoke, “where are you going?” I calmly and slightly confusedly responded with “I’m not going anywhere.” He grabbed a tight hold of me and said “don’t leave me!” I kissed his cheek gently and settled back in.
After a few hours he drove me home. As we reached my street it began to pour and thunder. However the sky was a beautiful gray purple color. He jumped around the car after parking in the driveway and opened the door. He immediately pulled me into the rain and kissed me hard but sweetly. It was a moment to last a life time. Then he got back into his car and backed away.
I will never forget the phone call I received an hour later telling me there was an accident. A head on collision and there was no chance of him making it. I cried because that was the best day of my life and I will have to carry the horrible memory along with it.
They found a diamond ring in his pocket and the band said “I will love you till the day a die.”

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Kimi_01 said...
Oct. 27, 2011 at 9:05 pm
That sounds absolutely depressing, the imagery was gorgeous, you are a good author. I hope this is just a story and you didn't lose that perfect guy.
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