Ten Years Ago

October 17, 2011
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“Let’s jump in! Come on! It’ll be fun!”


“Josh!” We stared at each other and before I knew it, Josh had swept me up and jumped with me in his arms into the cool, summer, lake water. I didn’t come up from under the water. I felt free and alive.

I was sixteen, same age as Josh. That was ten years ago. That was my favorite summer. Now I sit in an office and answer phone calls unimportant to me.

I remember that summer at the lake. I remember the dancing in the moon light on the island. We must have broken curfew at least ten times a month. And then it seemed over in just a matter of days. Wow! That was ten years ago. I was young. So was Josh. He was my first kiss that night.

We had been on my family’s pontoon boat all day, enjoying the nice summer weather, working on our tans and beating out the scorching summer heat that seemed to strike all of Wisconsin that month. We had been swimming all day when night fall seemed to sneak up upon us. We were at the island that sat in the middle of the lake, with a small camp fire and a blanket to keep us warm, but it was very humid that night. When night had turned to sky black, we turned up the radio on the boat and listened to our favorite songs as we sang with mediocrity, and danced as though we were the only two in the world. I had never been so happy.

He spun me around and my summer dress flew into the air, reveling my swimming suit bottoms underneath. We laughed like kids and looked into each others eyes. His hands touched my face and he pulled me in for a kiss to seal a night of perfection. My first kiss ever.

Ten years had passed. Things were very different now. Josh and I had broken up after graduation. I haven’t seen him since. I heard he was doing well. That was good news. I’m doing well too. I have my day job as an assistant and I take night acting classes. I had an audition last week for a commercial and I was likely to get the part. Josh had always told me I was a great actress. He was the one to inspire me to get into acting. I owe my career to him.

I’m dating a new guy now. His name is Zander. He’s into traveling and seeing the world. Just like me. Just like Josh.

I hadn’t thought about Josh in some time now and here I am, thinking of our perfect summer together, wasting my day away and neglecting my work duties. He was my first love. My first kiss. He was Josh, and I was Kenna. That was us ten years ago. We were free to do what ever we wanted. We didn’t have to think of our futures. Now I must get some coffee for my boss before I lose my only stable income. Wow what happens in ten years.

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Odessa_Sterling00 said...
Oct. 27, 2011 at 1:27 pm
Good job.  Nice little story.
lucky4579 replied...
Oct. 28, 2011 at 6:12 pm
Thank You! I have a few more stories that will be published soon! Please check them out sometime!
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