Feather Falls

October 15, 2011
By CupycakeWriter SILVER, Albany, Other
CupycakeWriter SILVER, Albany, Other
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This was a pretty much wrong time wrong place situation for me last thing I expected to see was an all out battle between angels and demons I was not expecting anything like this but how and why? Is this possible I was always sceptic about heaven and hell existing but after I saw the metal from the angels golden polished angel wings stretching up the silver steal clashing against the demons dark twisted grey silver blade that rose thorns stretched up, there expressions were hard and focused but the angel glanced at me a faint glimmer in his eyes that was there one moment and gone the next my heart lurched when they disappear vanishing without a trace just a faint tropical breeze I will never forget his messy brown hair almost falling to his shoulders the light brown eyes that once held that glimmer.

Day dreaming was fine if it wasn’t in class because I was always asked the questions don’t know why suppose it was because I was an A student but after what I saw
I completely went off my path because how could anyone handle seeing their beliefs go out the door sure as hell I wasn’t one of them I couldn’t handle it after that the slightest thing could set me off maybe I could of seen a shrink but what was I supposed to tell them? “Hello my name is Aiko Hikaru and I saw an angel and demon fight” hah yeah right guess people are going to have to get used to it. But a few months later I saw him the angel he was in the my school I heard people calling his name saw girls staring at him in awe but he kept giving me that same look one of knowing and care the care part made some sense but the knowing part like that made any sense maybe—my thoughts shatter as my best friends Anne and Clare jump me from behind I jump so high how the hell did I see that coming I flung around before they were even down the hall I just knew what was going to happen if that makes any sense what so ever it was like I just saw exactly what was going to happen and I reacted “whoa scary cool” Clare said with that usual smile of hers with her hot pink dyed hair messed up the way she liked it flowing in her face “ what?” I asked I didn’t know what I had done exactly till they told me “you full on ninja moved us!” Anne said laughing her black neat hair and dark eyeliner looked amazing I had always been jealous of her perfect hair and pretty green eyes I would have died for but I was unfortunately stuck with my plain boring deep red hair brown eyes and pale skin “what did I do? I didn’t even noticed I did anything” I said laughing too while trying to tie my hair up but that’s when he walked passed with his messy brown hair gorgeous light brown eyes and features a girl would fall for he waved and whispered hey to us Anne and Clare giggled and said hello back me I just stood there star struck I was half expecting I would scream like a fan girl would over that loser Justin Bieber, when I finally snapped out of my daze I realized he was standing right next to me walking with me he whispered in my ear “Aiko we need to talk about that night what you saw” the calmness in his voice was really well calming “I-I don’t know if I c-can you know that’s it I don’t want to talk about it I just want to forget about it alright so just leave me alone” I didn’t even realize what had come out of my mouth till I said it I ran off finding somewhere to sit down outside I slide down the brick wall flashes of what had just happened and that night kept flashing through my head trying to forget was hard then anything I have ever tried in my life, a boy walked by he saw and stopped walking over he had jet black hair almost white skin crystal blue eyes with a dark ring surrounding the blue making them stand out he wore a black print tee with a hand and a tree I didn’t pay much attention a leather jacket over top and simple dark jeans and converse shoes “hey... you alright I noticed you running out I thought I’d come and see if you were alright” he spoke gentleness came from those simple words although he didn’t look gentle with his style “yeah... I suppose” I frown at him he moved around and sat next to me “you sure?” he knew I wasn’t fine it must have been pretty obvious because I wasn’t good at hiding what I felt “no not really but I’ll be fine anyways my name is Aiko” I said wiping my eyes no tears had come out but they were there “yeah I know I’m in most of your classes but my name’s Kane nice to talk to you” he said smiling as though he had accomplished something “Kane get away from her” a mysterious voice came from around the corner a familiar voice too, the angel’s “really Liam? You’re the one who made her upset in the first place” Kane said anger and sarcasm in his voice he didn’t like this guy at all “but I didn’t mean to we need to talk about what happened and Aiko don’t you recognize him? He is the demon you saw don’t you see it in his eyes?” Liam said pointing at him “don’t you see it?” fear ran through my spine but I wasn’t scared of Kane he seemed so much safer then this so called angel the one who wanted me to talk about something I didn’t want to I couldn’t every time I thought about it, it made me think I had gone insane but hadn’t I? To actually of seen it wouldn’t I of had to? “I-I-I don’t know—” my words cut off by Liam “Kane you just don’t get it she is mine! She doesn’t love you anymore remember? Can’t you remember her screaming I hate you when you slayed her brother!!” he yelled so loud I thought someone would run out and tell us all to shut up “what’s going on my brothers fine he is alive... isn’t he?” I started crying I couldn’t take anymore I was too weak I lost all my strength my legs went limp underneath me and I fell to my knees my plain skinny jeans hitting the wet grass my hands joining them “another life... I didn’t know he tried to hurt you because they all called you a witch... I am not a demon... I just feel because I fell in love with a human you” Kane said crouching down holding me in his arms I let him because I needed to be comforted wether he was a demon, angel, fallen angel or human I just need something so I had some sense of reality when I didn’t have any “get away from her!” Liam yelled his white golden shine wings forming from behind him as he charged for Kane, Kane let go of me his wings sprouting from his back one black rigged and a mess but in an eerie way it was beautiful the other white and pure a faint colouring of purple “shall we fight again in front of her and traumatise her for life this time? Because honestly I don’t want to, do you? Saying that you love her we were once brothers Liam” Kane said in a cruel voice I was so confused I couldn’t speak but I did “go ahead and fight! I don’t care I’m already traumatised for life” great anger in my voice I couldn’t do anything about it either I was so angry at them for ruining my life like they did they just kept confusing me “Amy I’m sorry for what I did I didn’t mean to fight in front of you I love you too much” Liam said but just as soon as he finished Kane bolted for him aiming right for him the blade I saw that night in his hand “stop! Please! Explain what’s going on I’m so confused just please no more fighting...” my words trailing off as their swords disappearing and converse shoes touched the ground “no more fighting Amy I promise” Kane said walking towards me I had gotten up when I started speaking well yelling anyway “we’ll explain wont we” Liam said giving Kane the death stare of a life time but Kane just gave him a more fierce one “you’re an old soul you come back when you die as someone else but we can always find you and your first life time you met me... you hated me at first you thought I was just some boy out to find some fun you were a real lady but over time you got to know me and we fell for each other...” he finished his words hoping it wasn’t him to have to carry on so Liam took over “he was casted down after he told you he was an angel betraying us by falling for a human he then became one of the fallen and I was sent after him to smite him for what he’d done but I fell in love with you too but because I never expressed that in a place where my higher could hear me I was not cast out but you chose him over me I don’t know why he is no full blood angel he is part demon as well...” he trailed off clear anger was in his voice at the sound of the word demon and having to say it made it that much worse for him Kane continued on “I didn’t choose my parents but for you Liam I might as well had and I betrayed no one at least I can feel now” he looked at me and then at Liam he kissed my forehead whispered I love you in my ear and stepped back his wings gracefully spreading and he kicked off the ground taking off and vanishing into a dark cloud of shadow that disappeared soon after “what... you just left?” I said to myself forgetting the other angel was still there “yeah well he is like that doesn’t stick around for the conclusion” he said sighing “better go chase him up because I know you’re going to choose him again” his wings spread white and glorious he flapped once twice kicked off flew in the air stopped a few seconds and called “Amy take care of yourself we will be back and in the end I will be one of the fallen as well” he vanished in a puff of white shining smoke that would have left anyone breathless but I had already stopped breathing I was going to faint and I knew it my eyes closed blackness took over my body hit the soft wet and muddy grass the once sprinkling water on my face turned into a pounding down fall but when I came to I was in the one place I wanted to be was it just one long nightmare? Or did it really happen I didn’t need to know for now but soon I would for soon the war was coming and the end was near but not for the human race or the world but to the pain the fallen and the angels would come together and end the seemingly endless war between heaven and hell. Will the balance be upset will Amy remember who she loves the most?

To Be Continued

The author's comments:
well orginally this was written for a contest but I never ended up entering so here it is I doubt it will ever be continued to but we will wait and see hmm?

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