I'll Pretend

October 15, 2011
By Iggy_Bowe SILVER, Philadelphia,
Iggy_Bowe SILVER, Philadelphia,
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My friends told me you were cute.  I didn't see it.  Apparently soft brown hair, brown eyes and moodiness was in that year.  When they found out you liked me they told me I should date you so I did.
        There was no love involved.  In truth I never loved you though I tried.  Tried to love your movie dates, your laughter, and cliche lines.  But I couldn't even muster up any anger when you cheated on me, though I pretended.  It made you happy when I pretended to love you to enjoy your tactless kisses and sub special advances.  Maybe if I had tried a little harder I might have cared when you dumped me.  But the girl you left me for left you didn't she?
       Well now I need you.  When I approached you during math I knew I still had you, trapped, under my control.  Deep down inside you miss me and I can use that.   Don't take it personally I don't hate you, that would involve caring.  Now you're just a tool at my disposal and I intend to use you to full term.
    But don't feel bad I'll pretend and put on an act worthy of Broadway.  You'll love me, just as before and I'll pretend to love you.  We will be the perfect couple we'll go watch movies I didn't want to watch, I will laugh at your jokes and flutter my eyelashes, blush when you catch me starring at you.   And then I'll dump you,  because my friends called you a jerk for abandoning me and told me I should give you a taste of your own medicine.
     So I will.  It only seems fit that they get the ending they want to the relationship they fabricated.  I don't really care though.  Afterall I never loved you.

The author's comments:
Actually it's based off a comment I read for an article.

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